Conflicting feelings

Conflicting feelings

May 10, 2017

Holding conflicting feelings is indeed “normal.” That sentence is meant to point out the times where you become vividly aware that you are holding conflicting feels about something, and then question yourself or even your own sanity.

You will come to know that you never do anything in your life that you would consider being somewhat forward movement, progression, or accomplishment without the experience of conflicting feelings. Those moments may be small or short in their existence, but they are always there.

If you take a mundane experience and apply it to every aspect of your life, you will gain understanding. Your two favorite television shows air at the same time, and you can only view one. You now have to choose. You feel sad about giving up one but excited about gaining the other. You do this with everything. Embrace the conflicting feelings and make the choice you know is necessary, but also leading to your desired destination.


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