Conditional loving

Conditional loving

May 19, 2017

This one came as quite a surprise for you, but it was one of the best surprises you will ever experience. Yesterday you were witnessing the interaction between others and noticed, quite vividly, the practice of conditional loving. You could see that each person would only offer love to the other if certain conditions were established or
maintained. In this instance, love in its purest sense was not being offered.

You also had an excellent opportunity to pat yourself on the back, so to speak, when you noticed that you had recent experiences where you knew you were practicing unconditional loving with another, and that felt wonderful to you.

Now the big surprise is you discovered you had been practicing conditional loving on yourself. If you maintained certain conditions, or did certain things, or behaved in a particular way, then you would love yourself. That is a significant barrier to personal development. Outward projection prevents inner focus.


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