Co-dependency is a gift

Co-dependency is a gift

November 1, 2018

Co-dependency is a gift. We used that title as we knew it would capture your attention because you and so many others have taken that term, and made it something dangerous you should avoid. You have done this because you have failed to grasp the value and purpose of all human relationships.

Every relationship you encounter offers you a path to the empowerment you seek should you decide to take advantage of that guidance. When you think you are in a destructive co-dependent relationship, it is because you wanted to experience independence, so this relationship provides the choice you can make in that direction. When you are in a relationship that you think you need and can’t survive without, it is because you want to know for sure and feel your autonomy, and then come to realize there is nothing you need as it is all within you.

No relationship is inherently bad for you unless you make it so by your inaction to the hints you are being given to become more of you.


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