Change your mind

Change your mind

July 3, 2019

Change your mind. Roger kept hearing those words this morning and dismissed them as being far too simplistic or trite to be taken seriously, and thought there must be so much more to living
successfully than that.

You all have your own Wilhelm’s that you, as Roger, alternatively listen to and ignore or block. Roger has volunteered, as he thinks of it, to use his experiences to aid others in their evolution. He has communicated with us in this conscious manner since 1988 and still doubts the communications until the evidence becomes irrefutable, as it has now.

Yesterday, he had a thought to take an action, of course, urged by us, and this morning, he saw how that act was now manifesting what he wanted. He had a thought of a change in his home and did not know how it would occur, and now is watching it happen. Yesterday in a conversation with a friend he blurted a comment which surprised him and his friend, to which his friend asked, “Was that Wilhelm?” And he said yes.

You all have the ability to experience this if you change your minds.


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