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Self-acceptance will be much easier

Self-acceptance will be much easier

January 17, 2021
Self-acceptance will be much easier. Yes, we are speaking of your coming events of your global restructuring. You will be provided with the opportunity to fulfill some evolutionary cycle you aligned for yourself in this lifetime. It doesn’t matter if you understand that now, for you will as Roger is doing now, which we will explain.

You are born to expand further in your abilities, talents, and skills, all of which cause your spiritual expansion. Like Roger, most of you do not believe that, and it may require years of your human experience to even partially believe that you were the person born to do something meaningful. Many times you thought your experiences were a punishment, as many of you feel about this pandemic. We do not.

Yesterday Roger had a shock to his system when he went to pick up his car that needed new tires. The amount caused him to gasp. Roger remembered that was an old tactic he wants to move through, and this experience will help him and you all. Any lack of anything in your physical life experience is due to you withholding some element of who you are.

Roger has known he has used any momentary lack of funds as a means for him to do more to fulfill his "job," and that is what he will do now. We will leave one of the many messages we have given him on money, but also we will recount a story that may help many of you as you move through the next few weeks re-establishing your footing in your new life, for it will be that.

In 1996 Roger was in the hospital and the recovery room after surgery. As he awakened, he was in excruciating pain. Roger heard several nurses in the room, but he could not speak. It was this horrible feeling of asking for help but feeling incapable, as many feel now. It was the most atrocious pain he had experienced, and in that instance, Roger thought death might have been an easier option. Today he knows that experience was to help him come to see the strength and power that existed within him and was only brought to life when he thought he could die, but it ultimately caused him to live. You will do the same after this period in your life.

That story was to illuminate you as to your coming experiences and what you will experience in your life, and you will be fine, especially since Roger is now more willing to help.

One of the money messages:

The world you desired to see is before you now

The world you desired to see is before you now

January 16, 2021
The world you desired to see is before you now. It took a while for us to convince Roger to write those words for two reasons. First, Roger is always more concerned about others’ feelings and knows what others may be experiencing as they view your world, but Roger cannot see that, which is the second reason. Roger has held back his vision of who he could be just as you have, which is why you wanted to be alive now to accomplish something on your evolutionary journey.

That paragraph will seem confusing at first and become more evident over the next few weeks. You are moving through a massive restructuring, and we also said the United States would lead the way, and most would think that was a ridiculous statement, but Roger does not, and now we will explain why.

We told you that we guided Roger last year to study history, and he did so through documentaries. Through that study, he began to witness evolution cycles, which always meant humankind would become more humane. Even a slight review of your history will prove that point. How you accomplish this individually and therefore collectively is by embracing more of who you are. You do not do this most times because you fear change and do not want to move into some unknown place, and you create resistance. You will witness this in the US over the next few days, but you desired that as well.

Then you will be faced with making a choice as to who you want to be. No matter the choice you make, it will aid your evolution, and there is no right or wrong in any of your choices, for they are all necessary for evolution to happen. You have wanted something for quite a while. And this time in your history is allowing you to recognize what that may be.

The challenge you have is believing that whatever you wanted to do was possible. Still, you decided this restructuring would be an excellent time to try things out, which happens during these periods. The United States is doing this, and it is in place, but it will take time to manifest as things do in your life. You do not plant seeds and expect them to bloom the next day.

One last example we will give you is a series of events that Roger knew was us directing him to examine things for himself as you are doing now. Where have you held yourself back from who you believed you could be?

Yesterday was Martin Luther King, Jr’s birthday, and we have spoken of Roger’s affinity for him. An odd thing occurred on Roger’s phone that created a comparison of Roger and Martin of sorts, and Roger could see the connection. Each of you is inspired by others, so you might inspire others when you believe in yourself.

This morning we told Roger to find our message from a year ago of that date. We will leave the link, and those of you who read it will be reminded of a vision you held of yourself that is ready to bloom now due to the world you see now, which again you wanted, and you will be fine.

The message:

Soon you will allow yourself to hear yourself

Soon you will allow yourself to hear yourself

January 15, 2021
Soon you will allow yourself to hear yourself. We wanted to find the most cryptic title to begin this message to explain further the current restructuring you are experiencing. Again, you will typically think that restructuring is happening somewhere out there, but it occurs within you. The sooner more of you believe that, the quicker you will accomplish the goal you set for yourself in this lifetime.
We must say this will be a long message, but one that is necessary for Roger to write, and those who decide to go along for the ride will undoubtedly discover why they have done so.

We will begin with a story from last night. Roger held a group class, and at the end, as he was about to sign off, one participant asked him to wait as they had something to say. They told Roger that the day had been challenging and has been that way for years due to a memory of a personal loss. But yesterday, because they were in Roger’s group, it was much easier to move through it all. Roger felt himself push back on that comment, which is something he has done most of his life. You had done the same in some manner, and it would be difficult for that not to occur, for you are living a new life this time with more for you to accomplish.

Then we told Roger to find the message of ours that said men don’t leave. That was a reference to a film that touched Roger profoundly, and he didn’t understand why. As Roger search for the title, it took him to another message, and he didn’t know why. When he read the message, which, as we said, is long, the meaning made sense. The point of this Roger, like you, has always received guidance he didn’t understand, but now, due to this evolutionary change, he is willing to hear himself more as you will.

The next few weeks will present conflict designed to allow you to know who you are. The world is not ending, and neither are you, but when you allow yourself to hear yourself, you will accomplish your mission on this journey. You will be fine.

The "long" message:

Fear was always unwarranted, strangely necessary, and ultimately rewarding

Fear was always unwarranted, strangely necessary, and ultimately rewarding

January 14, 2021
Fear was always unwarranted, strangely necessary, and ultimately rewarding. The tense we used in that sentence was intentional, and some will understand its reference, but that understanding isn’t required to receive the wisdom of this message.

We refer to the current restructuring of your world and the information we gave Roger that is still beyond his understanding, but he can give you this much. And here we are also referring to your process of evolving.

As you move through your life, it feels to you as you are doing it alone, but you never are. You have this feeling because each step you take or movement you make in your evolvement causes you to elicit fear.

Last night, we led Roger to the reason for this, and each of you would do well to understand this to move through the coming weeks with a bit more ease, which is cognitive dissonance. You each fear moving beyond what you have taught yourself to know, and when you witness conflict, whether internal or external, that component is present.

We will give you the last part of this, which is the ability to find the rewarding part we mentioned. You will move through the fear and embrace more of yourself, which means all others and the world. That last sentence is what we referred to in the beginning as to why we used the past tense of was. You have done this before, which is why we keep saying, you will be fine.

You are in the process of creating the world in which you wanted to live

You are in the process of creating the world in which you wanted to live

January 13, 2021
You are in the process of creating the world in which you wanted to live. We know those words may be challenging for many of you to accept at this time, but not for Roger or us, which brings us to the point of this message.

Each of you wanted to be alive during this time of global change so that you might change. The change you wanted was to become more of yourself and evolve. As we have said, you have done this many times, and this particular restructuring is the most significant many of you have experienced, so it is intense and powerful and again what you wanted.

Now you are tasked with asking yourself what it is you wanted to change? For Roger, he was unwilling to receive our information and offer it to you all where it would be useful. We will do so now.

Each of you is born to fulfill a portion of the evolution you wanted. There is no right or wrong in this, and each of you comes for your reasons, which may be quite different from even those close to you, and that is purposeful. You wanted to experience contrast so you could choose who you wanted to be.

The difficulty many of you have is believing that all are here to do the same thing, and then you judge others who do not share your view. We cannot do that, for we see all things as being connected. We have given Roger this information for decades, but he is only willing to accept it now as part of his restructuring.

Some of you are here to be benevolent, but you can only do that by observing those who are not. Please study those words, for they will help you move through the coming stressful weeks, but again, you will be fine.

We led Roger to a Kyron video this morning to put a cap on this, and the word revelation was mentioned. Roger knew that was a signal from us to find our message on the subject and leave it with you. Please note the date, for even though it was several years ago, you were meant to hear it now.

January 7, 2017
Your biggest revelation occurs when you discover what has been your biggest difficulty in life. Your biggest difficulty has been that you thought you needed to be someone else.

It is easy to understand how this occurred. When you come into the world, you must rely on others’ wisdom, knowledge, and guidance. However, you took that information and thought that it was required for you to mold yourself in precisely the same manner to be seen as viable or that you mattered.

The truth is you were meant to use those people as examples and use the information they provided to create something new, exciting, and original. That is you. Give yourself permission to do that now.

Your source of anger may be quite different than what you imagined

Your source of anger may be quite different than what you imagined

January 12, 2021
Your source of anger may be quite different than what you imagined. We will tell you a story through Roger that will help each of you understand your role in the current restructuring of your world, which is occurring within you.

That last sentence is one each of you has difficulty believing, but it was also the only reason you wanted to be alive. While we continually say that you have lived before, that has no meaning to you without any tangible reference you may use as you are mostly physically oriented. Nevertheless, even in your life now, you can see where you have grown, evolved, and gained more wisdom. Imagine doing that repeatedly, and you keep doing it, so you have a different result or the one you wanted.

That story is what each of you is experiencing now, and because Roger is willing to be more generous with our information, we will offer advice for the coming stressful weeks. The only difficulty any of you will experience in your lives is due to your inability to change. When you do not change, because the change that is being called for is always one that would allow you to feel more whole and empowered, you will experience your anger. You will witness many doing that in the coming days, but that is only to help you confront your resistance to change. If you find yourself judging them, you are also judging yourself, and now your dilemma will be more straightforward for you and humankind.

None of this was accidental, and you will be fine.

No one can do the job you were born to do

No one can do the job you were born to do

January 11, 2021
No one can do the job you were born to do. Each of you was born at precise times in your evolutionary journey to facilitate something you wanted to achieve in your lives. Whatever that may be is unique to you, and due to that mere fact, you move through your lives with doubt until something causes you to step outside of your comfort zone and discover new portions of yourself. There was no other reason for you to be alive.

And you decided to do so at this time to witness the events of the coming months. During that time, you will choose who you want to be now. How you will choose is through your relationships, interactions with others, and the world events. Not all of you are here to do the same thing, but you would never know what you wanted unless you were presented with choices that appear as conflicts and contrast.

Then you discover you have only ever had two choices, and they are love or fear. Not all of you will choose love, and if you judge that, you will miss the gratitude you could express to those who presented to you who you wanted to be. That last sentence will aid you all in the coming weeks. The act of choosing for yourself and what you feel you want to do in this life is choosing love, no matter what form that may be.

We are delivering this message, for we led Roger to one we gave some time ago, which was meant to inform this period in your life now and that of your world. You will gain understanding as you read the message if you are willing to accept its wisdom. You will be fine.

You will understand more, care less, and love more

You will understand more, care less, and love more

January 10, 2021
You will understand more, care less, and love more. We love that crazy title so much, as well as this message. And this message is one each of you will find useful in the coming days during your world’s restructuring, which of course, is yours.

We will use Roger as our example but keep in mind that each of you is here at this time to move through some personal limitations. None of you are doing the same thing in the same manner, but you are all servicing and sharing the exact purpose of evolving in your life and the world.

Roger has struggled with delivering our information due to his ever-present doubt, coupled with his fear of judgment and criticism. We advised him today to let go of that, which is why said to care less about others’ opinions, and we said love more because that is what is allowing him to deliver this message now.

We told Roger this morning that your world will experience what might be thought of as an accumulation of cause and effect. Then we told him we gave you all the message some time ago, which we will post at the end.

You are having the restructuring so you may come to love yourself more, which means embracing every aspect of yourself as Roger is doing, which means you will only accomplish your planet’s goal when you embrace all others.

No matter how things appear to you now, this is evolution, and we cannot say this enough, but you will be fine.

July 7, 2009
It would be beneficial for you to examine your understanding of cause and effect. Your current life experience is a reflection, or effect, of a prior cause or your previously held thoughts that turned into beliefs about yourself.

That statement may be re-read many times by you to gain a deeper understanding. When you absorb this concept and use it to your benefit, you find a magnificent key to creating the life experience you desire.

When you examine your current life situation and begin to place blame, or responsibility, anywhere else, you simultaneously give away that ability, and key, to the creation of your future experiences. In your every moment of now, you may choose the thoughts or causes you desire to hold, and then you will experience the result, or effect, you truly desire.

This will take diligent practice on your part, simply because you have practiced something else. It does not have to be difficult; however, again, that is your choice.

Eventually, you come to understand why you were born

Eventually, you come to understand why you were born

January 9, 2021
Eventually, you come to understand why you were born. While we have spoken on this subject before related to your current restructuring, we have another story that may provide you further context.

Several days ago, Roger received an email asking him if he had heard a voice message this person left, which he had not. Then Roger attempted to return the call but had to leave a message. When the person returned the call, and the two of them had a conversation, Roger was struck with another memory that reminded him why he was born.

In 1978, Roger moved from Chicago to New York City. At the time, he left his business and some thirty-five employees. In particular, Roger’s attention was held by one person because Roger knew they were experiencing mental challenges, and Roger had always been supportive. Soon after Roger arrived in New York, he heard the news the person jumped off an apartment building to his death. The person, fortunately, left a note detailing the reason for their departure. Even with the letter, Roger has carried false guilt that maybe he could have done more, but that was not the reason for the experience itself, and it only made sense yesterday.

The person that called was ready to commit suicide. Roger was not fearful of this now due to his prior experience, which only revealed its purpose now. By the end of the conversation and after all the tears, the person ended up with more clarity and peace and sent Roger an email to that effect.

As you move through the next several months of your life, you will be called upon to remember why you were born and what you wanted to achieve. For each person, it will be moving through some previous limitations. For Roger, the experience yesterday revealed that the purpose of the program we created is being revealed now, as your reason will be shown. You will move beyond some limitation, for that is the only reason any of you were born. This period will be challenging, but it will be worth it, and it is the one you wanted, and you will be fine.

Please begin again but forgive yourself first

Please begin again but forgive yourself first

January 8, 2021
Please begin again but forgive yourself first. We used the word please to appease Roger, for he, like many of you, feels a bit exhausted with this current restructuring you are experiencing, but that is purposeful. You wouldn’t know anything occurred without your visceral, emotional, and intellectual reaction to the events of your world.

Roger spent the last several days in workshops. He continually uncovered things about himself he had been unwilling to do during his life and career, which caused him to begin to beat himself up, which is why we said forgive yourself first. As long as you are in existence, eternity, there will be more evolution. If you knew what that was beforehand, it would not be evolution. Please read that sentence again.

What you witnessed yesterday in the United States was the beginning of asking for forgiveness and contrition. Each of you holds the responsibility for what has occurred in your history. Still, you created this restructuring to create the future you want with what you have accumulated so far. Any amount of regret, judgment, or guilt will deplete your available energy in doing so.

This morning we told Roger to look up the words, begin again in our messages, and he was astonished to see how many there were. You are always beginning again, but what you desired to learn this time around is that you do it much better together, which means you are coming together.

We will explain more, but know you will be fine, and read this thread for further enlightenment.

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