Big brother is watching

Big brother is watching

May 8, 2019

Yes, big brother is watching you and when you understand who that might be and why that feeling is occurring, you will gain mastery in your life.

Your morning will serve as a brilliant example of how this works. You went to your computer and instead of you being able to start your day, as usual, you had to perform an update. Now, this caused you to use your phone to listen to your morning inspirations. Then “magically “ you were led to something that provided you with more validation of who you are.

Now you know the value of going with the flow. Now you know the meaning of divine timing. Now you know the experience of ask and it is given. All these occurrences were to get you to finally know that the big brother that you and all others feel who might be watching is you.

Every time you read this, clarity will ensue.


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