Belief is a choice

Belief is a choice

October 13, 2019

Belief is a choice. Please stay with those words for a bit as you are probably wondering, as Roger has been, what we are up to. You thought that you were always attempting to develop your level of belief in yourselves, your life, or this reality. You never thought you were choosing whether or not you would choose your level of belief, but you do. Unfortunately for your expansion, you are choosing from your current level of very limited awareness.

Your world is currently entering the phase of a full moon. Those who seem to understand these connections have deemed this particular full moon to be very powerful. And if you set the intentions of what you desire to manifest in your life, and release all that is unneeded, your life will unfold in the way you imagined and hoped.

That advice is what we would give on any day, but what if deciding to believe it now would cause it to be true and more powerful? It does because you are always choosing your level of belief, and especially about yourselves. We will leave you with the belief you choose to hold now.


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