Become willing to think bigger

Become willing to think bigger

September 21, 2020
Become willing to think bigger. As you move through your life, you are presented with numerous opportunities to become the person you desired in this lifetime, but most times, you don’t believe that is possible because those things have yet to manifest. This scenario is real for every soul, or you would not be alive now.

We have given you the idea of possibly having lived many lives, but you don’t have to believe that to understand this story. Roger received a message from a former associate of many years ago. When they met, this person stimulated some thinking within Roger as to how to increase his business. When the associate blurted out what this entity might be called, Roger noticed his resistance. That resistance arose from his lack of belief and inability to embody fully the vision he was given. You each have done this throughout your lives, but it is what you wanted to do as each moment of your life is another step forward to embracing all of you, which is, in essence, evolution. You are doing it now.

The other part of this story that we didn’t want Roger to miss was that the last time this associate appeared, Roger’s business increased. Then when the name that the associate suggested was mentioned, we had emojis show up on Roger’s phone to alert him to our feeling that this was the right step. Roger doesn’t know whether or not to believe those things were signals, but they were, and you each receive them, but again, you don’t believe them because they are not here yet. They will show up if you decide to think bigger.

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