Become comfortable with your new self for a bit

Become comfortable with your new self for a bit

September 2, 2019

This message will serve two purposes. The first is to encourage all of you to examine your self-created realities in new ways. The second purpose is to get Roger to acknowledge his gift in accomplishing this, as well as to own his intuitive direction, as he desires for you.

Yesterday while watching a television show, Roger was struck by the story of a young lady who was told she had progressed so much in her studies that she could skip a grade, and move ahead faster. Those in her family thought it was a golden opportunity; however, she didn’t want it. She explained that for the first time in her life, she felt comfortable with where she was and didn’t want to move. You all do this, but now we’ll give you the solution.

Acknowledge you are indeed a new person today and become comfortable with that for a bit. Do not judge the situations and conditions that caused you to be here. And now only look forward in the direction of the new reality you want to create, because you know staying comfortable for too long halts your expansion.


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