Because you didn’t trust yourself

Because you didn’t trust yourself

August 1, 2019

Because you didn’t trust yourself. We are beginning this message with an answer to a question Roger posed to us early this morning. It is also the answer that most humans will find for any challenge or difficulty they may have experienced in their lives.

So, here is the story. Roger found himself unable to sleep, which most of you call insomnia, at 1:30 AM. It was us getting his attention. He then decided to give up his attempts at “forcing” sleep and was inspired to write. He began his second book from us, which is tentatively entitled, “Perception.” While he had a sense he wanted to do this, he didn’t trust himself! So we cleverly interrupted his sleep and made our presence far too strong for him to ignore.

You all do this. You will have an intuition to do something, and then talk yourself out of it because it seems too crazy to you. Stop doing that.


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