Because there will always be more

Because there will always be more

November 8, 2019

Because there will always be more. We wanted the title of this message to be the answer Roger has been seeking, that he thought he couldn’t explain, but in actuality, he found an answer that he felt was far too simple, so there must be something more to it than this. You all do this with many elements of your lives.

Often, or we should say continually, we offer information to Roger in his counseling sessions. It occurs, or is evident to him, when he says something and isn’t quite sure why he said it. Yesterday, he was working with a client he hadn’t seen in some time and remarked on the progress he witnessed in the client. Roger said, “you look completely different”. Then at the end of the session, we had Roger say, “you will doubt it again.” Roger questioned why he would say something that could possibly derail his client’s current state?

We gave him that admonition because it is the thing that holds humans back. You think that because you have attained a certain level in your life you think you will always stay there. If that were true, how could you ever become more? The example that Roger didn’t think was enough was Will Smith’s video on skydiving. You each have the ability to create something that could move humanity as this video does. Will describes the fear experienced while anticipating taking the jump, and the tremendous exhilaration after that jump is taken.

Celebrate your moments of exhilaration, and don’t fear your moments of trepidation.


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