Be patient with yourself as you come to accept your gifts

Be patient with yourself as you come to accept your gifts

November 20, 2020
Be patient with yourself as you come to accept your gifts. We know for many that sentence does not seem to coincide with what you may believe you observe in your world today, but we assure you that is occurring for you.

As we have said you and, your world, being led by the United States, are experiencing a massive restructuring. It is not difficult for you to notice how uncomfortable and frightening this might be as most of you resist being with yourselves, as will be required in the coming months for the process of accepting a bigger, more evolved being and world to emerge.

We will give you one story, and we will attempt to keep it in this lifetime, so it is credible to more of you. If you have read us for a while, then your know we have spoken of Roger’s reluctance to do work he felt called to do more than thirty years ago. Roger believed he wasn’t capable and left the vocation. As he is restructuring himself now, Roger is more willing to accept his gift, but still reluctantly as you might be doing.

Also, we want to acknowledge our new readers, and yes, we noticed you, and you will find what you need here.

Yesterday Roger saw two comments in his Facebook group that were a direct result of the counseling he has done, and they even as much gave him that recognition. Roger looked at those statements, questioned whether or not he might have caused that, and then went to bed. We mean that you each will uncover talents, gifts, and abilities that will emerge now due to the current conditions, but you might at first resist them for they are confusing to you.

The next few months will be challenging; however, if you decide to understand and accept that what is occurring, you will know you are being offered another opportunity to evolve and expand. And you will become better and also grateful for this time. And believe it or not, you will be fine.

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