Be one person

Be one person

August 10, 2019

Be one person. First of all, let us say that this message will be not only fun for many of you but also transformative. Now we have to make if fun otherwise, Roger will think that it wasn’t worth it for us to awaken him at 3:30 in the morning to receive it. We also will need to make a bit of fun of him as we will overrule his closely held sense of vanity.

Yesterday, he had and inspiration, of course from us, to create a video where he stated that he knew that every person had a path and purpose, and each was important in the evolution of the world. Then he noticed he had not embodied that concept.

There is a recent trend in your society to claim authenticity as being the ultimate form of existence and empowerment. Yet most, including Roger, have not accomplished this fully. Here is another fun part. Roger said that he was here to teach the incorporation, cooperation, and utilization of all aspects of human existence, which must include spirituality, which most do not speak of and own out-rightly.

Now that we have explained this, some of you, including Roger, will begin to be one person.


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