Awareness is not awareness if it is known

Awareness is not awareness if it is known

November 25, 2019

Awareness is not awareness if it is known. We will now decipher that riddle for you. This morning we placed a video in front of Roger that he stared at for a bit before he gathered the courage to watch. On an intuitive level, he knew we were about to give something that would rock his world as we hope it will for the rest of you.

You are born into the world with limited awareness for a reason. You intended to discover awareness so you might interpret it in your own way and add to the evolution of all that is. None of you really believe that you are doing this, or more importantly, don’t think you possess the ability to affect the world at large, and that is where you all have been mistaken.

Roger has often “stumbled” upon information he didn’t understand why he was brought there, and other information, specifically science, he “mysteriously” ignored. Roger found it fascinating that his family is intrigued by the study of science and space.

Recently Roger has found himself studying more scientific research and finding that it validates much of his intuitive knowing. Roger has never trusted his knowing and made a requirement of himself that he would only speak on these things when he found something that bolstered his belief in himself as his self-belief was fragile, as it is in many of you.

The video this morning led him to Hermeticism, (look it up) which was brought into the world centuries ago, but Roger found the basis of his beliefs there. Then we had him hear Steve Jobs reiterate this understanding. The entire experience caused Roger to believe in himself more now with this new awareness. Now you will understand the subject of this message.


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