Awareness can be challenging

Awareness can be challenging

September 19, 2019

Awareness can be challenging. We are going to throw Roger under the bus so we might deliver this message. His feeling of embarrassment will also alert the rest of you to yours. Roger has been communicating with us for years. You could even say he has gained a certain amount of spiritual wisdom through these communications. Yet he still finds it challenging to make choices that he knows will lead him to what he wants. We are also giving him and you this message, as you all do it, and Roger will have a client today where this information will be important.

You all play the clever game of using distractions to blind you from the actions you might take that move you forward in your lives. You question why you would not make the “right” choices, and the answer is that you still feel inadequate. Now we have gotten somewhere. When you recognize the distractions as tools you are using to remain blind to yourself, you will release the distraction. A distraction is anything outside of yourself that you are focused upon that has absolutely nothing to do with what you want to manifest in your life. Belief in inadequacy keeps the game in place. Inadequacy is a lie.


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