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Your evolutionary process

Your evolutionary process

July 22, 2020
Your evolutionary process. We love this message so much even though we have yet to deliver it, but we also know that many, including Roger, will find such great comfort. Many times we say that we awakened Roger, but today we will say he awakened himself. We do mean that in various ways. Roger was quite restless and couldn’t sleep because he was seeking answers. On the other hand, we were not feeling that anxiety, for we know all is unfolding as it should and on time.

Yesterday Roger was sent and observed various information about the current conditions of your world, and many attributed it to some force attempting to exert control over the masses. Many believe those others are the ones who created the pandemic. Roger bristles when he hears those things, but the part that he, as you didn’t understand, is he is supposed to listen to those things, for it would cause him to come to know who he is and do his job.

Now you may wonder what his job might be as he asked as well, but we have told him for decades as your guides have told you. But due to your continuing lack of belief in yourself, you find it challenging to think you hold a vital role in this evolutionary process, yet you do. Evolution occurs through individuals making choices from the experiences that are presented to them. You are doing that now, and you have done it in other lifetimes. In those other lifetimes, you also might have been the opposite of who you might be now. While that may be challenging to understand, attempt to notice those traits, characteristics, likes, and dislikes that you cannot explain. They are guiding you to who you wanted to be in this lifetime. You use all those things to aid your personal evolution, which is also that of the world.

Now we will give you the cause of Roger’s restless as it might be yours. He has come to accept that everyone is entitled to their opinion, but he can’t understand why they don’t see he is right. That is Roger’s human thinking, and ours is you are all right, but what you are attempting to do is own your rightness. When you do that, you will allow others to do the same, and the healing that will manifest within you and the world will astound you.
We led Roger to videos this morning that "magically" answered his questions so that he might hear what we have told him for decades. Just do your job. We will leave you with a thread of messages if you choose to follow it, but please know that you have your thread to follow, it is essential to the evolutionary process, and you are right.
(The thread of messages:

You fear your greatness, so you cling to your past

You fear your greatness, so you cling to your past

July 21, 2020
You fear your greatness, so you cling to your past. Yes, we are speaking to you personally, and as usual, the collective you. Let us explain something else that even Roger only recently understood. All our messages have been meant to instill in each of you your importance in the evolvement of all that is. You only evolve when you are presented choices to do so, but whatever choice you make personally affects all others. That is our consistent message, and we gladly accept differing opinions because they are necessary. Your challenge like Roger has been recognizing and believing the essential nature of your role.

We will tell you a story to have all this make sense. The other day Roger listened to a video of a person who has assumed the title of a spiritual leader. They were discussing your current pandemic and your continuing controversy over wearing masks. They proposed that this was a ploy by those in charge to exert control over the masses. Now that opinion is helpful, but it is not ours. We led Roger to seek to teach empowerment, which he would then have to learn, and empowerment means harnessing your internal power that no other soul holds.

Then we told you the conditions you might see in your world, and they would be challenging. Others asked if we were making predictions, but we were not because the evidence was right before you. You cannot think thoughts and perform actions of a particular type and expect the manifestations to be different. You speak of the law of attraction, but then ignore it.

Yesterday Roger officiated his first wedding, and he stated beforehand that he was nervous. How can one declare something and not have it manifest? It appears that many of you believe that you can. After the ceremony, Roger spoke to a friend who watched the ceremony and commented that Roger was nervous, and something about his appearance could have been better. Now we have entered Roger’s past. He always judged his appearance and used it as a means to hold himself back. Roger watched the video later and did not see what he had been told or even felt at the time. You cling to your old ideas about yourself only because they are known and familiar.

Then Roger received a proposal for his business that painted a picture of him that he always wanted but could not see himself. The recognition of this, coupled with his old thoughts of who he thought he was, caused him to pull the covers over his head and go to bed. We love this message so much as we know there are a select few of you receiving value.

The proposal requires a financial investment, which again brought up old fears. But it also brought up blame. If Roger could blame others for what they might have said that caused him to feel less than others or blame another for his not having enough money, he would be off the hook. That is the opposite of empowerment.

You, your world, and your humanity must release your ideas of being powerless to create your life as you want it to be if you’re going to experience your greatness.

You will find yourself coming to care more for others

You will find yourself coming to care more for others

July 20, 2020
You will find yourself coming to care more for others. We are flowing so much information to Roger that he requires a bit of time to decipher it all, but also, as usual, he doesn’t always believe us. We will prove it to you by the end of this message.

Some time ago, a bit before your current pandemic took hold, we had Roger blurt out during a talk he was giving to entrepreneurs, that if their businesses were not for the betterment of all, they might experience difficulty. Roger was not sure what that meant, but more of you are witnessing that phenomenon now.

When the pandemic became your reality, we sent Roger back to 1918, where he discovered some strange phenomena then, which has now become referred to as community spread. What that meant was the virus at that time was spreading without any known human contact. What humanity was meant to glean from that experience is that you are all connected by far more than your physical bodies. What affects one affects all. You never change anything quickly or easily, so you have come back for round two.

Yesterday, Roger witnessed several people in a photo where they were burning their masks in defiance of current laws to assert their freedom of choice. At that moment, we told Roger that Nelson Mandela never lost his freedom of choice, for he knew where it existed, and it was far more critical for him to demonstrate that to others to further the evolution of all. That was his mission and purpose, and you have yours. The people Roger saw were serving their purpose as well. Contrasting views, opinions, and actions by others provide you with a context to decide who you want to be.

The part that each of you has missed utilizing, as mentioned, is your nurturing feminine natures. But what you didn’t recognize is that you were not harnessing that energy within yourselves. Now when you remember we are speaking to the collective you, this will make sense.

Now we’ll prove to you how Roger never believes us. He has worked on his online program for years but kept thinking there was more he needed to do. Yesterday he "discovered" we had given him everything, and now his most significant dilemma is deciding what to use. The same is true for you, and when you harness your feminine nurturing energies directed toward yourself, can you not see how you will begin to care for others by definition?

We know this might appear complicated, but study it a bit, and you may be surprised by the clarity you discover. Remember, you will be fine.

The world you wanted to see is before you

The world you wanted to see is before you

July 19, 2020
The world you wanted to see is before you. We know those may not be the words many of you wanted to hear at this time while observing your world’s current conditions, but if you study and understand this message, you will feel better. We are also having some challenges with Roger in disseminating this information as we are navigating around his human judgment of what is occurring. You each do this as well, and it will become evident to you.

Throughout the ages, humanity has been in a continual process of evolution. Evolution is always about becoming more, greater, and more powerful. You do this individually, and as we have been saying for a while, you do it collectively. The challenge you have always had is understanding and acknowledging the equality of all. Now, if you look at only yourself, you will see evidence of this. You continually deny parts of yourself and judge other parts. We are still speaking of the collective you, please keep this in mind.

At certain turns, you get glimpses of who you always wanted to be, but you notice you cannot become the whole person you wanted because you discounted, judged, and tried to ignore some aspects of you. The only time you seem to become motivated enough to change is when you are in a state of fear or when it feels to you as if you are being forced to do so. We have just described the current condition of your life and the world.

You will not be able to blame others or your government, for as we said, you are the government. But because you have created separation within yourself, you see it in the world. But again, you wanted to see it by any means possible, for now, you have the opportunity to become whole. We love this message so much, for as you study it and find clarity, you will feel better. Remember, you will be fine.

You may never sleep again

You may never sleep again

July 18, 2020
You may never sleep again. We thought that title might be somewhat intriguing at this time for many of you, but we are also using it both figuratively and literally. To Roger, it feels as if it might be his permanent reality due to how we have continually disrupted his sleep. We never do anything without purpose and reason.

Yesterday, Roger was "attempting" to complete his online program, which has been in the works for years. He sat there yesterday with a problem he hadn’t expected, and each of you will experience in your lives. Roger had so much information he had culled from us that he couldn’t decide what to use. Part of that indecision was born out of his constant doubt, and uncertainty like you have experienced in your life. We will offer you things now that will make sense. We will also tie it into your current world events, as we promised we would.

Roger took a break from trying to figure this all out and begin listening to Napoleon Hill. We have mentioned the connection to Hill, which was perplexing to Roger. It became more prominent last night to the degree Roger could no longer listen, and the amount of energy surging through his body became uncomfortable, so he went to bed. True to form at 3 AM, we awakened him. But this time, we also had his roommate, who is currently thousands of miles away. Send Roger a text containing a video that included information that the significance of which would not escape his awareness. In this video, the two gentlemen went through a process, helping others discover themselves through owning their emotions. Thirty years ago, we gave Roger something similar to which a friend "inadvertently" decided to take our words and turn them into calligraphy, which is framed and hangs on the wall beside him. "Your emotions are not an end of themselves. They are designed to lead you to your beliefs. Your beliefs may or may not be based in truth."
We took Roger on this journey to show him that he, like you, has always had everything he needed, and it would be called upon when the time was right, which is now, and the same is true for you.

You each have held ideas about who you thought you were to be in this life, but now you are awakening to the truth of who you are. The conditions of the world are aiding you in your quest. Now we will explain our statement about the restructuring and the United States.

If you take time to study the history of your world over the centuries of which you possess records you might read, you will discover a pattern of evolution. Humans individually begin to awaken to who they are. Upon that realization, they begin to expect and even demand more for themselves. As we have said continually, you are all connected, so what you do individually adds to the collective.

We will not make this a book today, for we will continue this conversation for a while, as your world will remain in this manner until you see the outcome you desire. Please make no mistake; we are using the collective you here. Each global shift you have made, you uncover more of your goal, which is unconditional love. The United States proclaimed itself the leaders of the free world, and you will restructure yourselves to achieve that goal. We told you; you will be fine.

How your intolerance can serve you

How your intolerance can serve you

July 17, 2020
How your intolerance can serve you. First of all, you need to acknowledge that you have it, and then ask yourself why? That sentence contains the answer you will find in this message. We told you that your world is moving through a restructuring period, and how that occurs is through establishing new norms or ways of being. You do this by making choices of who you each desire to be. The choice you make will aid evolution in some way. The challenge you all have is making those choices while holding on to your ideas of right and wrong. We will tell a story to illustrate.

Yesterday Roger could feel his anger rise as he watched what was occurring in the world, which to him seemed unnecessary. We say to him, because in those moments, he is thinking with his human mind and not ours. You all do this. From an early age, Roger found himself investigating events of the world for understanding. He did not know why he was doing this. When John F. Kennedy was assassinated, Roger felt his world collapse. Even though quite young, he made a scrapbook of all the events to remember what occurred. Soon after, Roger began hearing conspiracy theories emerge as to who might have actually shot Kennedy and if it were some plot concocted by who knows what. Roger questioned why that would matter? What did matter to him was a man who Roger believed expressed the ideas and the hope the country needed was gone.

When the pandemic began, and the controversy over wearing masks erupted, Roger could not understand that as well because to him, whatever choice would be for the common good, that would be the one he would make. Roger’s intolerance emerged when he could not accept that his choice would not be the one all would make.

We will leave with a message we gave him years ago, which might have informed him earlier in his life of who he was to be. But before that, we will tell you all that the choices you each make now that are not in some way to aid the common good will be restructured. You will witness the truth of our words eventually, but attempt to believe them now.

October 14, 2017
Just stay in your lane. Attempt to go with this stream of thought for a bit. You saw a performance last night, and what stood out to you were two particular pieces the artist performed that moved you so much that you told them it was their lane. You said and felt that because you experienced authenticity through their performance.
Every soul can do this, including you. This does not mean you would not explore other areas of your life experience to find value and to define further who you are, but it does say that you will find that particular lane you feel is indeed yours, when you don’t judge it or compare it to anyone else. What creates your world and continues to cause it to expand is the willing contributions of unique people like you.

You do not have any accidental experiences

You do not have any accidental experiences

July 16, 2020
You do not have any accidental experiences. We will also make another bold statement, and that is the challenges you have experienced in your life have arisen by you believing you were. We have said those words to Roger for decades, and to many more of you for the last fifteen years, but today Roger has decided to believe us. Hopefully, you will as well.

Recently Roger has felt an indescribable urgency to get on with his work, which he believes he is meant to accomplish but hesitated. The urgency he feels is from us, just as each of you has your guides urging you on, but you as Roger doubt any of it could be real. We will now attempt to use Roger to prove to you that your instincts were always valid. We are quite aware of your world’s current condition and are using that impetus to aid you all.

We awakened Roger at 3 AM this morning, and if you have heard us for a while, you know we do that to him when it is something of a critical nature. When Roger awakened, we guided him to his iPad, and he opened it to a video of Napoleon Hill. Again, you know we have mentioned him before and his "mysterious" connection to Roger. We are speaking in this manner to help you recognize the thought processes you each go through, and the only difference with Roger now is he has experienced more manifestations of our words in the physical realm. Hence, he is more willing to trust, and our information comes through more clearly. You possess the same ability if you could only believe it. Remember, we said Roger only did so today.

Most of you require some sort of teacher to reassure you that what you might be doing in your lives is meaningful or even what you want to do. When you find those leaders who express words that resonate with you, you begin to believe in yourself. Roger recorded a video last night where he spoke of changing the title of his program, and the many incarnations it has had and questioning its effectiveness. Napoleon had done the same. Now, Roger knows it is effective as he’s witnessed the results, but the one element he had not accepted is that it all came from us. You have those things as well. You have created something, or believed you should but did not trust that process. You have forgotten how you used to write essays in school. You made it all up, but somehow you neglected to allow yourself to hold that power in your life.

We could go on, but we will leave you with this vital point. After watching the video, for the first time, Roger decided to study Napoleon’s Wikipedia page. There is a section where Napoleon speaks of his guides and teachers, and this wisdom that came to him, which enabled him to create something that has lived on and changed many lives. Suddenly Roger permitted himself to be himself. We are throwing that sentence in as we have said to him for decades, and now we are yelling it to all of you. It is only now that due to conditions of your world that you might believe yourself, and we will continue to aid you as Roger’s vision has grown.

Eventually, you will come to understand yourself, and you will be pleased with the results

Eventually, you will come to understand yourself, and you will be pleased with the results

July 15, 2020
Eventually, you will come to understand yourself, and you will be pleased with the results. We must say this message has been days in the making due to Roger’s resistance to receive it, but last night we told him the time is now as more of you are confused and fearful.

We told you that the world is moving through a restructuring mostly aided by the United States. You will witness more of it today, but it should not alarm you because it helps you all evolve. There has always existed an inequitable distribution of what you think of as power and influence in humanity throughout all of civilization. When you examine your history, you notice a steady increase in acceptance, inclusion, and love. You are contributing in your own manner, and no way is right or wrong, or more important than another. In other words, no matter what role you play, it is aiding evolution. The difficulty your human self encounters is trusting your spiritual self, or that voice you believe is urging you to do something.

We will use Roger as an example, and if you understand this and apply it to your life, you will more easily move through this period of your life. Roger lived a life that traversed many different areas or career paths. At one point, he recognized he was a teacher of some sort, but it didn’t make sense what he was to teach as maybe he hadn’t achieved a great accomplishment. In 2016 when Roger thought he should follow his guidance, but he expressed doubt, we sent him Jebran his roommate, and neither of them initially understood the connection but knew it held meaning. One day Roger saw quite clearly that he was witnessing a person moving through the same struggles Roger experienced, and then the pain Roger experienced was now explained for it had a purpose. If Roger could see potential in another, he might recognize it in himself.

As Roger moved yet closer to his goal, he still doubted, so we sent him Alan. Alan took the work we had given Roger for his program and proved the effectiveness of it all. Roger still had hesitation, so we sent him Stan. Here again, Roger saw someone with the doubt Roger experienced, but Roger could see far beyond that to his potential.

You each will find yourselves, by recognizing your worth, offering your hand and understanding to another, and the restructuring you are experiencing will be worth it, as was Roger’s pain.

You are responsible for the current conditions of your world

You are responsible for the current conditions of your world

July 14, 2020
You are responsible for the current conditions of your world. If you do not understand or reject that statement, it will help you understand this message and reveal the root cause of every difficulty you have experienced.

Again, we are speaking of the individual and collective you, and the more you who understand this, the more you aid the evolution of your world. We will put together a story to illustrate our point, and we will attempt not to make it lengthy, but we will say more of you will have extra time on your hands. Weeks ago, we told you and Roger what you might witness today due to your actions as the collective whole, but just as you have never believed the guidance you have received in your life, you would not so readily accept ours. Please don’t beat yourself up though; Roger has such trouble accepting our advice.

You are born to contribute to the evolution of all that is, and every one of you is essential and necessary in that process, but when you have not placed importance on your life personally, you don’t trust yourself. Roger was walking yesterday to return a camera he inadvertently ordered believing he needed it. We have often said you already have everything you need to create the life you want, but Roger, like you, didn’t believe that, so he thought he had to find other gadgets to help him. We will tell you that was another excuse he used to avoid being himself. Roger has stated that he feels his role is to bring spiritual awareness, personal development, and practical application together to aid humanity in its evolution. Even writing those words seem ridiculous to him just as it has to you. But it is an accurate statement for you all.

What Roger heard while walking was someone giving a Ted Talk, and they mentioned something occurred in their lives in 2005 that caused them to awaken in some way. You might remember we told you Roger discovered a folder of his writings from 2005 that recounted a dream where clearly Roger was shown what he might do to have his life blossom, but he didn’t believe it. Then the person said at the end of the talk; it is never too late to be who you were meant to be. Roger later discovered he was listening to the actress Rita Wilson who had already been famous and successful at that time but now was suddenly waking up to who she wanted to be. You are doing that now. You might be doing it because you are frightened, and that is what we told Roger some time ago, and again, he didn’t believe us. We will post that message at the end.

As you study this message and become willing, you will discover yourself.

February 15, 2011
While fear can be a motivator you use in order to accomplish something, your ultimate goal in gaining mastery over your physical life experience is to no longer have fear as part of the equation in your decision making process to do anything.

This long statement holds valuable keys for you to use in living your happy, fulfilled, and prosperous life. The questions then that would be useful for you to ask in attempting to do anything are; am I doing this because I am afraid of something occurring, or am I doing this because I desire to create something to occur? The difference in those questions is quite powerful and will serve you well when you decide to employ them.

You are in the process of being restructured

You are in the process of being restructured

July 13, 2020
You are in the process of being restructured. First of all, please note this message has been decades in the making, for Roger and you. We are indeed using the collective you in this message, and you may understand why we have taken to using this phraseology recently. It is because you, the individual, and the collective you are evolving, which occurs through the destruction of the old you.

Yesterday, Roger attended a family video call with many of his relatives he had not seen in decades. During the conversation, the current affairs of your world came up, and there were comments made in which Roger found himself unable to contain his feelings, and for him, his outburst was shocking. Roger is typically passive in his discussions of social issues and usually attempts to avoid controversy. Now you will understand why we had him use the Hitler reference yesterday. We always know what’s ahead, and we prepare him for those encounters, precisely as your guides have prepared you for everything in your life, and you always come to recognize that.

The comment that brought up Roger’s reluctant voice was one that Roger felt might have been harmful to others. That is the criteria that typically informs Roger’s actions, but because he simultaneously does not wish to hurt another’s feelings, he remains silent, until yesterday. In the middle of his outburst, Roger knew that possibly others did not have the information he did, so he decided to offer to teach. When you discover your reason for being alive, you will also find your passion, and it may come out forcibly and startle you as it did Roger.

We will not make this a book, but the restructuring you are experiencing is your understanding of your oneness and connectedness to all and using it to aid evolution. At times you need extreme conditions like a pandemic or extreme leaders like Hitler or a country like the United States who momentarily lost its way. The balance you all will experience is complete and total acceptance of you and all others. What we are speaking of is pure love, and these events always cause that to occur.

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