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You were not meant to know who you are until now

You were not meant to know who you are until now

April 10, 2021
You were not meant to know who you are until now. This message is intended for every person, although many may reject it in an attempt to continue to feel safe in their current reality. We will have it make sense.

We have said you are moving through a massive restructuring, and you would not be alive now unless you intended to actualize another part of your being during this time. You are born to evolve, and your role in the process, while different from everyone else, is essential to the evolution of all that is.

Yesterday Roger was working on a promotion with another company, and it is something he has not done before, so it wasn’t very safe. Roger tortured himself about this to the point where he could do nothing else last night as he felt he should have known what to do. That last sentence is one that each of you may use to hold yourselves back from becoming who you intended.

This morning Roger discovered his fears were unfounded, as they always are for each of you. He has plenty of time, and with that awareness, we led him to something we have in his program, and we have written about it here several times, and that is, your point of power is in the present. You cannot accomplish what you desire in your life if you are depleting your available resources and energy attempting to change anything that occurred outside of this moment of now. You can, however, use what you learned from your past to create your new future.

We then led Roger to a video of a writer he had not known who wrote under a pseudonym as Roger does. Still, this guy lived more than a hundred years ago but wrote much of what Roger has in his program and lived a life path quite similar to Roger’s and noted that he did so and became quite successful living from the principles he developed.

You each are to do that now, which is why you wanted this restructuring, and you will be fine.

What you may remember through Ted Lasso is who you are

What you may remember through Ted Lasso is who you are

April 9, 2021
What you may remember through Ted Lasso is who you are. We must tell you that Roger fought us a bit on this title, for he is not sure how we will tie this together to give you anything meaningful, but you know we will.

Last week, we mentioned that Roger and his friend binge-watched a television show and were not immediately aware of why that television show resonated for them and obviously for many more of you based on its awards. Today we had it make sense for Roger in some unexpected ways, which we love so much.

When Roger awakened this morning, he found himself in a horribly uncomfortable mental state and continually judging and beating himself up. When he picked up his phone, he saw a video of the book he read almost fifty years ago, "Your word is your wand." The book spoke directly to the importance of the words you speak, for they affect your thoughts which are creating your reality.

Then we made the connection for Roger to Ted! Ted found himself in unexpected and challenging situations and even ones perpetrated by others. Ted never lost sight of his vision which is internal. Even when he experiences and expresses his anger, it causes him to become more dedicated to his vision.

Oh wow! Now Roger remembers what he and you have always known but forget due to preciously held limitations because you are evolving beings.

You are creating your future in this moment of now, and when you choose to remember that more often as Ted does, you will be fine.

Your greatest challenge is still judgment

Your greatest challenge is still judgment

April 8, 2021
Your greatest challenge is still judgment. Yes, we mean you, for you are all one, and the reason you still maintain your struggle with judgment is that it is a vital factor in your evolvement.

You may remember that as the current restructuring began, we told you that judgment and enlightenment do not coexist. There is a reason that humanity has held this mantle as its goal for eons. And you are moving through a more significant shift now in the world and within you.

Roger had a Zoom call with members of his family last night in an effort to gain unity. As the conversation continued, Roger noticed his judgment arise at the opinions and views of others. As that feeling came up, Roger also saw the perfection of the entire situation, and it is the same one in the world currently.
You each are born to fulfill a specific role, and it is essential to the evolvement of the world. The only way you can accomplish this is by choosing to be yourself, and you achieve that through experiences in your life that allow you to choose who you want to be, including your friends and family.

Here’s the bottom line. When you are judging others and not understanding you are all one, you are judging yourself. When you release that, you will be fine. Study this more.

You have always held yourself back because you wanted to

You have always held yourself back because you wanted to

April 7, 2021
You have always held yourself back because you wanted to. We wanted to use those precise words to indicate that you have lived before, but we know that concept is strange for many, so we will keep things to this lifetime, and we have plenty to speak on there.

You would not have been born unless you wanted to evolve, and holding yourself back provides you the perfect opportunity to do so. We hope that feels better.

We will give three stories to illustrate the point. A while ago, a friend questioned Roger as to why we used his name so often, ad it felt almost egotistic. There could be nothing further from the truth. We do that to make the distinction as Roger is quite aware that delivering these messages is cathartic for him as he is entirely aware of his human issues through which he is moving. Roger knows we don’t have them, so the feeling is quite different when he hears us. The same is true for each of you, but you may pretend you don’t hear anything at all when no words are exiting your mouths.

Then we gave Roger a memory he kept attempting not to remember! That may sound strange, but if you read our message on selective memory, it will make sense. You each do that as well, but not for the same reasons. Roger had a faint memory of being on a television show when he was twelve. He wasn’t even sure the memory was real, so he asked his older brother, who confirmed the event occurred. That incident is one many of you have for you think if you forget what you are attempting to achieve in your life, you may not have to complete your task, but you always do.

Then on Monday, Roger received a message from the leader of a Facebook group in which Roger is a member, and they asked if Roger would speak about the group at the Zoom meeting the next day. When Roger began to speak, he could sense all the eyes on him, and they hung on to his every word. Another lady in attendance also channels and asked Roger to be a part of her group on Clubhouse, which was a welcome invitation because Roger allows certain social media activities to intimidate him.

Then Roger received a message from the leader of that group thanking him for his contribution. Then the leader had a "memory." They had followed Roger on his singing channel and only now knew why Roger was familiar.

Here is the good part. The leader asked Roger to connect so they might do something together, and when Roger saw the message, he didn’t answer and went to bed. His awareness of that withdrawal was uncomfortable for the precise reason the friend mentioned about being egotistical, but differently. If only Roger could be a bit more egotistical, acknowledge his worth, earn more money and help more people, his restructuring will be successful, and you will all be fine.

That last sentence was for you.

Every experience of your life is to help you develop mastery

Every experience of your life is to help you develop mastery

April 6, 2021
Every experience of your life is to help you develop mastery. Each of you was born to evolve, and every experience, situation, or circumstance appears in your life to aid you in that goal. You may judge some of them as good or bad, but you can only do that from your human perspective, which is always limited.

Yesterday we told Roger to listen to a particular video several times. He proceeded to forget that guidance as he does with much that he has received, as many of you do, because somehow you believe it might be easier, but the opposite is true. While achieving mastery in your life is always possible, sometimes it is challenging and uncomfortable. If it were not that, you would not notice you were changing and evolving.

When Roger finally followed through and listened to the video, it helped him move beyond his anger this morning. Yesterday his friend had taken his car and managed to damage it somehow. Roger judged himself for this, which might sound odd to you but not to Roger. He knows he has allowed certain distractions to exist in his life for decades in an attempt to block his vision from what he wanted to do in his life and if he accomplished that, he might not notice he let go of his dream.

That last sentence was for each of you to consider during this restructuring, for you are not complete, but you are moving through a vital part, and you will be fine.

Evolution occurs when you become willing to release your old self

Evolution occurs when you become willing to release your old self

April 5, 2021
Evolution occurs when you become willing to release your old self. We are speaking directly to you, for there is no person alive, especially one who would be reading our words for that statement not to be accurate in their evolutionary journey. We might sound confusing now, but we will have it all make sense.

As we have said, you are moving through a massive restructuring designed to cause you, the individual, and the collective you, or your world to evolve. For that to occur, there must be a continual acceptance of the self, which in turn is the whole, or the collective. We do enjoy making things confusing.

Yesterday Roger had the feeling he wanted to take the day off but at the same time felt a bit guilty. Then his former roommate called to spend the day, so the plans were then set for Roger. They proceeded to binge-watch a television series and completed it. He knows nothing is occurring accidentally, even if that awareness is not present during events, which most times it is not.

Later, when Roger went to bed, he heard us very clearly tell him to finish his program and that he also deserved the day off and everything he needed was already within him.

This morning we awakened Roger quite early, and he didn’t know why other than he had an anxious feeling. Then as he sat on the edge of his bed, Roger felt a very sharp earthquake. It was swift and distinct, and Roger had absolutely no fear and didn’t move an inch when it occurred as he knew it was communication. Then we told him to turn around and look at his clock, which read 4:44. We then told him to look up the meaning of those numbers, and this is what he found. Angel number 444 comes to you as a sign that your prayers have been heard, and the Universe encourages you to stay focused to finish the job.

When this particular restructuring began, Roger did not know why we kept using that precise word, and he was even questioned about it by his friend, so we then led him to a video this morning to answer the question for him, and we will leave the link.

The point of this is to show you through Roger how much you have doubted yourself, believed your direction might have been wrong, or that you were not capable of influencing the world, only to discover that you are the world. Yes, you will be fine.

The six-minute video:


You were born to doubt yourself

You were born to doubt yourself

April 4, 2021
You were born to doubt yourself. We know that title may seem a bit strange, but it will make sense when we attach it to the message we gave you all a year ago on this day of celebration.

You are moving through a massive restructuring, and this one is meant to coincide with your resurrection. We mentioned yesterday that Roger has had difficulty with particular holidays as they remind him of what he wanted to accomplish in his life but doubted he could do so. Each of you has done this in some area of your life, and it was purposeful. You could never come to appreciate who you have evolved to be unless you had doubted yourself before. Again, you have done it many times.

Read this message and apply it to your life, and know you will be fine.

April 12, 2020
Why would you choose powerless? That question is one that each of you would do well to ponder this day. We must tell you, this message is one of the most challenging for Roger to write. Every year on Easter and Christmas, Roger struggles to speak his mind. He does this due to fear of judgment, but also the recognition of his weakness. You all will understand this.

There is an interesting thing that many humans do, and that is to deny their power. It is not possible for you to miss this point if you have read our messages. But it is possible for you not to believe them or deny them, precisely as you have done with Jesus. We gave you that message some time ago.

Here are a few of the conflicts, misconceptions, and hypocrisy you each have embodied. We will speak for all your leaders, guides, and gurus who attempted to give you these truths. You have been given everlasting life, but you believe you will die. You have access to all the power of God, yet you believe you are powerless. You are told you are all one, yet you make others wrong and less than you. We could go on, but you each will have time to contemplate this, and that was not accidental either.

It is our hope that each of you decides to be powerful because you were told you possess that as well.

Miracles are real

Miracles are real

April 3, 2021
Miracles are real. Many of you who follow through with this message may finally come to believe that statement. Roger is still in the process of accepting his recent miraculous experience to the point that he thinks if he talks about it, he might jinx it, or maybe it isn’t real, just like he thought about the dream he found from 2005. Yes, we will have it all make sense.

There could have been no better time than this holiday weekend where you celebrate Jesus as many do on other holidays. If you have followed us for a while, you may have "heard" Roger’s discontent with the celebration of these holidays, for he always felt that the meaning of them was lost in translation, and we agree.
The dream we referred to was one where Roger felt he was among spiritual leaders, and they were asked to do something, and Roger ran to the front, only to discover his apprehension in doing so. That is pretty much what most of you do as you journey through your lives, attempting to reach an imagined destination.

Roger has had pain in his left shoulder for years that recently had gotten worse. Roger has known of the healing powers available and has spoken of them often and included Dr. John Sarno in his program to talk about Roger’s miraculous recovery from back pain and many other ailments. That knowledge caused Roger to question the pain in his shoulder and why he couldn’t resolve it. We told him that if he began embracing himself wholly and moving in the direction that he desired in his life, the pain would resolve.

Roger did not believe us completely, so his resolution began to occur slowly. Then we told him to focus, even more, so he began yesterday removing himself from certain obligations and people he used to distract himself. Roger has often spoken of his condition to his friend, who told him to see a doctor or stop complaining. Roger made appointments yesterday. Last night he noticed movement in his shoulder and less pain. He still did not trust this and decided to wait until today. Roger got up this morning and gingerly moved around and noticed he still had the same result.

Then he picked up his phone and, uncharacteristically from his bed, began playing the video we will leave. The awareness brought Roger to tears, but it has also made him know why he was having this restructuring and why he created his program. Because of this final proof, he will do his "job," and he and you all will be fine.

The video which we instructed Roger to listen to relentlessly.

Any experience of failure is an intentional choice

Any experience of failure is an intentional choice

April 2, 2021
Any experience of failure is an intentional choice. It took us quite a while to get Roger to write those words, for he, like you, tends to judge himself when he discovers information Roger believes he should have known before. That sentence is the one many of you use in an attempt to halt your evolution. Now you see why Roger had trouble allowing this message to come through, for it will provide many of with food for thought that will aid the current global restructuring.

You each were born to be alive at this moment in time to continue on the next part of your evolutionary journey. We are intimating that you are eternal beings even though you have no memory of that. To illustrate our point and to even have it resonate with those who do not believe you have lived before, we will use this lifetime. There is not one of you here who cannot recognize those times in your life where you found yourself repeating what felt to you to be similar problems, challenges, or circumstances. That occurs because you are the one who desired to notice them so that you might evolve with more significant acceleration.

Yesterday Roger had several events that inform this message which he did not know until now. The first incident was a meeting with someone Roger instinctively felt could aid him in his business endeavors. When the meeting began, the gentlemen began saying things without Roger’s input that were so aligned with Roger’s goals that they both knew that "magically," they had made a great connection and agreed to meet again on Saturday.

After that, Roger had an empowerment client where Roger decided to share some information Roger has known would aid this individual. It was related directly to Roger’s life experience. Roger knew he could not have been as helpful without his prior experience, which at the time Roger had classified as difficult and challenging, only to discover its value now. You will also find this in your life.
Then Roger had another meeting where he turned down an offer that he knew was not what he wanted to accomplish now. That meeting was the most clarifying for Roger, and the other person emailed after to keep the conversation intact.

Then Roger revisited a group he was invited to join that required a bit of study. This group of professionals and entrepreneurs aims to earn a lot of money through their mutual connections. The opportunity could benefit Roger, but it would require time, and Roger knew he wanted to devote his time now to finish what he hasn’t his entire life, and that is true for you as well. You each are restructuring.

It took Roger so long to write this message because we took him back forty-two years, so he might remember what he was up to now. Roger worked for a company that offered training, but Roger felt it was not up to the level it could have been, and the reason was the owners did not want to invest more money. Roger decided he had to live up to the commitment he made to his staff, so he left and decided to begin a company with his vision. "Magically," after he did so, he was offered the money he had sought.

When you reread this message, you will find what you are attempting to restructure within yourself, we didn’t use the quotes arbitrarily, and you will be fine.

The reason you don’t believe yourself

The reason you don’t believe yourself

April 1, 2021
The reason you don’t believe yourself. While we don’t know your reason precisely, we do know Roger’s, and sharing his here will aid all for you are connected, and many who read our words are doing so because it is a part of their evolutionary journey. We have often said that you each have one, and they are unique in every detail but similar in the grander scheme of things. We ‘won’t explain much more of that now.

Yesterday we told you we would provide you with the results from the webinar Roger held yesterday, and they even surprised Roger. First of all, it was the most aligned Roger had felt, and it was the most enjoyable. The webinar was planned for ninety minutes, but at an hour and forty-five minutes, Roger noticed the time and felt he should end it, but at the same time, he noticed those in attendance would have stayed longer.

This morning Roger awakened with a new question. "What should I do?" The reason he asked that question ties into the title of this message. Roger has a meeting today with a company to decide if he would work with them. Roger also noticed several other possibilities and was inundated with emails to the point where he felt overwhelmed and could not decide what to do.

We then said to him, do what you want to do and what is fun, which will lead you to all that you desire in abundance. Then we told him we already gave him the answer to what you should do years ago and he was the only one who didn’t believe it. The same is true for each of you when you encounter some challenges in your life. You can always solve it if you would believe in yourself. We will leave that message which will require no further explanation other than you will be fine.

December 10, 2009
There is no way better than your own. Now that includes some subjective words that should allow you to gain great meaning from the concept.

Your decision to live a physical life experience was for the purpose of contributing to the expansion and advancement of All That Is. The only way that you surely accomplish this is through your contribution to something "new." New here means a greater portion of what already exists. When you succumb to conformity, you squelch that very contribution.

This is also what may be felt by you as courage, and that in and of itself leads you to the contribution you intended.

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