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We told you this would happen

We told you this would happen

January 7, 2021
We told you this would happen. Today’s message is directed to Roger, and you each will extract your meaning. As we have said, you are moving through a massive restructuring. We told you the United States would lead the way, and we also told you more of this would be visible yesterday. Roger did not know what we meant precisely, but he did know he was meant to deliver the message, and that is the restructuring that is occurring within him due to this time in your world, and now you will find what that is within you.

We bring this up because some will question some of our messages as to their validity, so Roger will doubt himself as you have. Then we told Roger that he understood what was occurring yesterday because we already told him and you, but we will do it again for all.

March 13, 2016
Chaos is both an experience and a process you allow yourself to have because you desire to experience ultimate peace. Chaos is an experience when you have it individually. You will allow your personal life to experience chaos in order that you might do something to create order so that you experience that ultimate peace.

It is a process that your society then uses collectively in order that you might make new choices to get to that ultimate peace. This is what is currently occurring in your world precisely, and you will also now notice evidence of this in your personal life.

It is almost as if you use chaos to create a contrast so that you know on a visceral level what you desire to create. It is up to you and your world to desire to choose ultimate peace.

You hold more ability than you have been willing to acknowledge

You hold more ability than you have been willing to acknowledge

January 6, 2021
You hold more ability than you have been willing to acknowledge. Roger is attempting to find the right words to deliver this message because it is a bit confusing for him and stirs up his fear. As we have said, you are collectively moving through a massive restructuring to cause you to evolve. Evolution must include the development of something new and more, which occurs within you and your world.

Last night Roger was alone, sat down on his sofa about to turn on the television, and blurted out, "I told you so." The next moment his phone rang, and it was his friend for whom that statement was appropriate, and it surprised Roger as it did them. The point of that story is you each can access information beyond your ordinary awareness, but doing so causes you to access unused potential. Because you fear that unknown which holds your potential, you will use moments such as your world is experiencing to break free from your limitations, nothing less.

Months ago, we told Roger and you the United States would lead the way in your restructuring, and though you cannot see that now, Roger knows he can, so his reluctance to share his wisdom is not helping his restructuring or yours, which is what he "saw" he was to do in this life.

We will leave you with this thought. You will move through some stressful moments in your life and your world in the coming months, but know that collectively you are opening to caring more about yourself and, therefore, all others. No matter what you witness or experience, you hold the potential to master anything. The global shift occurring is the one you desired, and as we said, you will be fine.

You were not enough is the biggest lie you have told yourself

You were not enough is the biggest lie you have told yourself

January 5, 2021
You were not enough is the biggest lie you have told yourself. As we have said, you are moving through a massive restructuring, so you may come to understand that sentence. Your world’s current conditions and the ones you will witness quite soon will help you accomplish the goal you set for yourself.

We cannot tell you what it may be you explicitly wanted, but it revolves around the issue of not feeling you are enough. You could not evolve or have the impetus to do so without that element. The current times may feel to you to be an acceleration, and again, that is what you wanted.

This morning we told Roger we had given him the message for you all some time ago, and we will post it here, and as you study it and accept its wisdom, you will move through the next few months with greater ease and peace.

June 5, 2018
You are being offered mastery. Please look at that sentence, attempt to feel the meaning it holds for you, and then apply that meaning to any stressful situation you may be experiencing.

The other day you were in conversation with another where the idea of punishment came up, and you couldn’t let go of it. The reason is that you and others think that punishment exists, which it does not. You believe that you are being punished because of things you have done or because of some karmic response. You held a misunderstanding of the process.

What is always occurring is that what you wanted to achieve in your life is a state of mastery, so everything that shows up is helping you accomplish your goal, nothing less.

You have lived your life purpose

You have lived your life purpose

January 4, 2021
You have lived your life purpose. We thought that title might capture your attention, for most of you spend a significant portion of your physical life experiences trying to find something that has always existed within you. Still, you failed to believe or trust in some way.

As we have said, you are moving through a massive restructuring, and another way you might think of it is, you are here this time to complete or improve upon something you had not. It is different for each individual, so you must find yours, but frequently the thing you want to do feels strange and foreign to you, so you neglect to trust your guidance, which is always revealing your life purpose.

Roger has known he was to come to trust and believe in himself and then help others accomplish the same. Like you, Roger would think that someone else must have already achieved what he was to do, which is the greatest impediment to your evolution. You came to do something new that is unique to you, and it is essential for the evolution of your world.

Last night before retiring, Roger opened an email from a client who visited our mediation and automatic writing program. We have often spoken of Roger’s reluctance to talk about this subject even though we had him create the program years ago. What he saw from the client confirmed what Roger only slightly believed he was meant to do. It surprised and shocked Roger and brought him to tears. Those were tears of recognition and cleansing, and each of you will experience the same through this restructuring, and you will be fine.

We will leave you with the previous message to encourage you to find and own your life purpose, which has been "hiding" inside you.

October 29, 2019
Your life purpose will find you. First of all, understand that this message has been decades in the making. That statement will provide solace for many of you. Several days ago, Roger had what he thought was a "brilliant" idea to acquire new clients, so he created a contest. The entry condition included submitting a description of what they wished to accomplish or achieve through his coaching. Roger’s original intention became usurped by what he discovered, which was his life purpose.

It may appear to many of you that he has known and accepted that, and you would be incorrect. He doubted it until yesterday. As he read the entries, he saw right in front of his face every difficulty, problem, or challenge he had experienced in his life, so Roger knew he had something to offer now. Now is the operative word, which, as we said, this has taken decades. It doesn’t matter how long it takes any of you to discover your purpose, as it is there, but it is your responsibility to live it.

Roger’s purpose is to help others find their purpose, and your purpose as well will show up through your life experiences. Lastly, many of you misunderstand the meaning of purpose. Your only purpose in life is to become your best self because that helps you and the world evolve. You all will come to know this with certainty.

Forgiveness and acceptance are faster and will deliver the results you desired

Forgiveness and acceptance are faster and will deliver the results you desired

January 3, 2021
Forgiveness and acceptance are faster and will deliver the results you desired. We hope that title stirred a bit of your curiosity, and now we will explain many things and some we have been giving you for some time what will now make sense.

As we have said, you are moving through a massive restructuring, and we also said the United States would lead the way, and you will see more of that play out in the coming days. When this occurs, many of you will attempt to find some relief from the collective stress by blaming others. When you take that action, first, you will not be aware of your participation in the manifestation of the chaos you will witness, and then you will not notice where you have been withholding your power and the true nature of your being.

This morning we led Roger to several videos that all spoke of the nature of your earthly experiences and that each of you accepted a role or a job to do that would aid your evolution and that of all others. Roger didn’t want to hear that and knew he had rejected it his entire life as you have, but we told him that is part of the process, so your futile judging of yourself is useless and depletes the energy available to you now to create the life you want.

Everything now depends on your willingness to change and not the change of others. In the United States, over the next few weeks, you will see those fighting that very change, for they know if they accept it, they will be moved to some unknown reality they have grown to fear. We have just told you your journey in this life, and you would not know that unless you had others to offer you examples of behavior, beliefs, and actions so you might have a context to choose yours.

You will find that you have not done that, and then you will be tempted to judge yourself, which will slow your progress. It will not give you the results you desired, for you wanted to break free of your limitations, and you could not have done so without these times, these examples, and your willingness to forgive them and you for you were all merely on your journey of evolution, and you will be fine.

Please create a new world, for that is why you were born

Please create a new world, for that is why you were born

January 2, 2021
Please create a new world, for that is why you were born. We hope those words captured your attention, and we also recognize when you examine your world, you may find that to be an overwhelming task, and that sentence holds the answer to why you were born.

As we have said, you are moving through a massive personal restructuring to accomplish the task we posed in this message’s title. You each were born to move through some limitations to aid in the collective evolution. You were only meant to do your part, and that part is something you’ve wanted to accomplish for many years, and the current conditions of your world will aid you if you allow that to occur.
The other day Roger held a webinar where the intention was to set new goals for this year. In the webinar, Roger mentioned the importance of using imagination for everything that is created in your life, and therefore the world begins in the workshop of your imagination, which most do not recognize or realize the importance of that fact. Roger knows it all too well, for he spent the more significant part of his life believing the use of his imagination was meaningless due to comments made to him at an early age. When he later studied Einstein, who spoke of the importance of imagination above all else, Roger had more permission to believe.

Last night we gave Roger the perfect example for you all. Roger knew of a new television show and mentioned it during a call with his family. Roger had not seen the show but intuitively knew we wanted him to see it. Before this, when Roger discussed the show’s premise, his nephew believed he might have difficulty viewing the show if it departed too much from history. The program’s entire point is to depart from history and use it to create a new world. Your history was always intended to serve that purpose.

As Roger watched the program, he saw the world he desired to see manifest, but he also recognized his limited imagination. Roger holds the challenge many have, as he did not allow his project’s vision to depart from his known history. Please study that sentence again.

We are also giving you and Roger this story, for he intends to create a video for his clients, and we want him to provide them with this message. You each are here now to break free of limitation, and you must discover it begins in your thinking and the limitations you’ve placed upon yourselves. You will start to remove them, and you will be fine.

This year you will believe yourself more

This year you will believe yourself more

January 1, 2021
This year you will believe yourself more. This message is lengthy and worthy of your study. We are using those words intentionally, and you will understand them and also be able to apply them to your life.
You are moving through a massive restructuring, and you are doing it collectively, as you do with all things, but that is lost on many humans. That sentence is related to Roger’s restructuring, which we will explain, so it aids yours.
First of all, this particular day is significant, and it is not arbitrary as some wish to think, but it is a powerful magnification of collective energy that is always available but made known when more of you work together. We are adding sentences that some of you will understand and will bring you a sense of relief.

Last night we told Roger to repost our message from this date one year ago. We told him not to look at it, but he couldn’t do that. Roger had to see the title at least, and even though he didn’t read it, Roger knew our direction was correct. It has been the direction he has not trusted as you have not trusted yours. The past year you have experienced caused you to uncover more, and now it is up to you to use it. Our gift will be the message from one year ago, but this year you will do it, and you will be fine.

January 1, 2020
You will succeed if that is your choice. We could not think of any more appropriate day to bring forth this message. Every soul is born with the abilities, talents, and capabilities to manifest the life they desire, and there are no exceptions to that rule. What most of you believe is you could not have possibly been "chosen" to do anything worthwhile in your lives. We used the word chosen and quotes around it for a reason. Most can’t even entertain the notion that they were given something to do in this world that would facilitate evolution. That thought is the downfall for all.

We will use Roger’s story as a prime example. Many years ago, he received information from another source, as it was before Roger began our formal communication. Roger was told, "when you deny a voice within you, your body will speak up for it." Roger correctly interpreted this to mean that he might experience physical ailments when he would refuse some guidance he was given. Yesterday we mentioned his flu-like symptom, and Roger knew it was resistance. He also knew what he was resisting, as you all do!

While this message might be a bit long for your new year, it is vital. First, we led Roger to a video that he needed because it was of like-minded people who were doing want he desired. Roger couldn’t understand how he could not have found them before. The simple answer is resistance. Then we "whispered" in his ear, "sick and tired." Roger knew he was to search for that message and place it here. After you absorb all of this, you each will decide if you will succeed, and you will know it is indeed a choice you are making.

June 21, 2015
And then suddenly you decide to wake up.

And then suddenly you decide you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, and you can do something to change it.

And then, suddenly, you decide it is acceptable for you to express your momentary anger and tears, and once that is done, you feel better.

And then suddenly you recognize that you have been unwilling to acknowledge who you are, and now you decide to claim that.

And then suddenly, you notice that you have been fearful of many things, and you have allowed fear to control your life and choices.

All of your "and then suddenly" experiences are never that but merely you being unwilling to examine them all, and now "suddenly" you are.

Soon you will run

Soon you will run

December 31, 2020
Soon you will run. As we have said, you are moving through a massive restructuring in your world being manifested through you. That sentence is the one we would like you to consider most. Many of you have yet to recognize your significance in the world or the timing you created to be alive at this time to aid your personal restructuring.

Of course, we will use reluctant Roger as our example, for it is still challenging for him to take the steps each of you are being guided to take. You would not be alive now unless you desired to move through some limitation you have held in this life or for eons. Yes, you are energetically connected to all who came before, and you may be releasing restrictions you’ve maintained, and of which you have no conscious awareness.

We led Roger to a video this morning that he knows he heard before, but today it made sense. It made sense now because he allowed his consciousness to open enough to hear what was being delivered, which is what is meant to occur when you practice meditation or any modality designed to remove you, if only momentarily, from your limited human thinking. Roger has long known he could often see the bigger picture of events occurring in your world but also feared speaking on them for he also feared judgment, and he holds an insatiable need to attempt to please everyone, and none of you were born to do that.

Then we led him to a video by Alexander of Indigo Light, whom we have mentioned before, and again we are referring to your soul families. Those are the people who provide you with the assurance you are on the correct path in your life and the encouragement to do so. Roger knows he is one of those persons and has feared it forever and continually stuck his head in the sand as you may have done.

The reason we said you would soon run will be reflected in this story. Roger held his webinar yesterday and loved every minute of it and felt as if he were finally in the right place in his life. Then at the end, one person interrupted before they disbanded and said they wanted to thank Roger for they had a consultation with Roger precisely two years ago, and something Roger said gave them the ability to change their lives. Roger attempted not to hear that, which is something he has done for more than thirty years ago when another person said what Roger told them saved their lives. Your impact in the world will also be powerful when you allow yourself to see it in this restructuring of your life.

The next several months will be extremely challenging for you and your world, but if you decide that you can run this time, you will be fine, as we have said all along. You are the only one who held yourself back, and now you are on the dawn of a new year to change.

When you stop running, you find yourself

When you stop running, you find yourself

December 30, 2020
When you stop running, you find yourself. That statement is accurate for every person, including you, and you decided to be alive during this time to make that discovery.

While we have said you are moving through a massive restructuring, we are also referring to your human operating system’s reorganization. That system is always limited, and you wanted to expand. We know that references to your past lives are lost on many, even Roger, but we will use this current lifetime to make our point.

Each of you has experienced some form of limitation in this life, which means you came to believe you were limited, which you are not. Then you require some outside force or occurrence to cause you to access more of your true self. We led Roger to a message this morning that we will post here, and you are to take it and insert yourself and know what you are up to in this current lifetime.

December 17, 2017
Stop running from yourself. Please tell your story in detail, as it will help so many.
You uncovered a transcript of a dream you had twelve years ago. The number of years is essential. In the dream, you witnessed a group of men you deemed to be leaders in some way, and there was a call made for a volunteer, and you stepped up. Immediately as you did so, you questioned your actions or why you would do such a thing and even asked at the end, "why me"?

Now in your current time, after discovering the transcript, you attempted to pretend you didn’t see it; but now, it could no longer be ignored. You now recognize the conflict. To stop running means to let go of the resistance you have had in becoming your true self.

Everyone does this to a certain degree, and now you get to decide if you will stop running.

The perfection of your birth is being revealed to you now

The perfection of your birth is being revealed to you now

December 29, 2020
The perfection of your birth is being revealed to you now. Yes, you were born perfect because you came with certain "new" things you wanted to accomplish. We are speaking to you in this manner, for we know that you are reading our words because, in some way, they are aiding your evolutionary journey even though you may not know precisely how.

The restructuring of your world starting within you is causing you to recognize those things you set out to do in your life, but because you also feared the unknown, it did not make sense to you to take that risk and pursue whatever that might have been. You are being shown that path now, and you are the one who will decide to take it or not.

We went to great lengths to bring you this message. Last night we began with Roger listening to a video by Victor Oddo on the coming full moon. Then this morning, we had Roger hear Tania Gabrielle speak on the subject. After that, we "mysteriously" overtook Roger’s computer and had the next video to play to be that of Marianne Williamson, whom he’s known for more than thirty-four years, but today it all makes sense.

We mentioned all those people because you each, like Roger, can use confirmation by others to know you are on the right track in your life. We have said that you all have soul families, and you collectively are working together to aid the evolution of all that is. This restructuring is causing you to "come together" more, and again that begins within you.

You have denied parts of yourself, which is why you didn’t come together, and now you see that reflected in your world, and the purpose was to cause you to come together. You are doing that now when you recognize and accept the perfection of your birth. Roger had to come to this awareness for himself with the aid of all the others we mentioned and many more. But now he also knows that helped him recognize the perfection of his birth finally, and now he will aid others to do the same.

Please reread this message, for we got carried away with our subliminal messages, but you will know why we say you will be fine when you understand them.

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