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You were meant to awaken more now

You were meant to awaken more now

November 24, 2020
You were meant to awaken more now. We are using precise words to describe the current moment of restructuring you are experiencing in your life and witnessing in your world. Let us assure you it is all for your highest good, no matter how it may appear or feel to you now.

Roger is being tasked with interpreting cohesively a lot of information we are sending, but we believe he will do it well. As we have said, you have lived many lives, and each time you evolve more. For that to occur, you require guidance, which is always available to you, but many of you do not believe it exists, or if you entertain that notion, you fear others may think you’re a bit strange. We want to keep this as light as possible, for we are also mindful of the level of fear some of you might be holding now. It is for a good cause, however.

We mentioned Roger’s call with his family that was uncomfortable for him, and he could not make head or tales of it and spent most of yesterday in a bit of a funk because he wanted to know what was occurring. Many of you may be feeling that now, and again, it is for a good reason. Then last night, Roger noticed a short documentary of Rev. James Lawson, a pioneering civil rights leader. While Roger had heard of him, he did not know the details but felt an overpowering “urge” to learn more. In the early morning, Roger watched, and then he knew why we led him there. You each have things revealed to you that are meant to remind you of the mission you set for yourself in this life, and you did do so.

The documentary then tied together all the other events. Roger even saw an email come last night from a family member, but we told him not to read it before giving him this message. You picked your family to help you come to know who you are. You see, Roger, like you, has always known who he wanted to be, but that didn’t seem attainable. He got closer and closer in this lifetime and many others, which is what you are doing.

We will continue more tomorrow, but we will leave you with a message from a year ago which informs this one and hopefully will tell each of you that this period of your life is another step in the right direction, and you are evolving.

May 17, 2019
We may have broken you, finally. Please transcribe this message without censorship, and it will help not only you but others. You often have and have continually been aware of our communication while at the same time doubting it is real. You then pretend that the conversations never occurred; you can forget them, and you can disregard some voice you hear in the distance that is directing you to do something or to be someone. But you never believe that any of this could possibly be true.

Then you create situations in your life that fall far outside of what is deemed “normal” by others, and you know on a deep level why you have done this, but you deny what you intuitively feel because of what you think others might think.

This morning you took arbitrary actions that brought you outside of your routine, and you heard recordings discussing the coming Scorpio full moon and how powerful it is. All the descriptions you heard described how you felt. How could that be an accident? How could you be an accident? How could you now ignore what you are to do in your life? Now you know how we broke you, now help break others.

You cannot manifest tolerance through intolerance

You cannot manifest tolerance through intolerance

November 23, 2020
You cannot manifest tolerance through intolerance. As we have said, your world’s current restructuring will cause each of you to experience the same within yourself. When you were born, your intention was not the same as others, but none of them are more important, meaningful, or powerful than another. That paragraph describes the continued evolvement of humankind.

The United States is leading the current restructuring, as we have mentioned. The most significant aspect of this was the election in the United States. It caused longstanding differences, biases, and prejudices to be revealed. All those things exist within you. Your job this lifetime is to experience a higher level of autonomy in your life, indicating your evolution.

Roger had a conversation with his family yesterday, and he could see why we advised him to schedule a talk about how to move through the holidays with your family and how to handle change. You are all in the midst of massive change. During the conversation, some members expressed their intolerance of others and did so because the other did not appear to be tolerant or sensitive and accepting of them. Then they made a statement that was insensitive to Roger and did not notice they had done so. That, dear friends, is what you each have done in your lives and why it slows your world’s natural progression.

We will leave you with a message we gave Roger five years ago informing this time in your life. You always know where you want to go in your life, but you must also become tolerant of yourself. You will be fine.

June 28, 2015
You recently heard a statement said in jest that resonated with you, and for a good reason, and that was, "I am intolerant of intolerance." The entire concept of tolerance is built on faulty principles because it implies that you are seeing other souls or people as separate or different from you.

True freedom in your world and society is only obtained when individuals see all others as themselves or the same. And then come to know who they are; grant everyone else the "right" to do the same, and then decide to never do anything in thought or deed that would attempt to limit the ability of another to live in that manner.

That is indeed a mouthful, so to speak, and the only helpful thing is for you to attempt to implement it in your life. You are all one.

You have only ever feared yourself

You have only ever feared yourself

November 22, 2020
You have only ever feared yourself. Please study those words intently and apply them to your current physical life experience. We are using those words intentionally even though we know your connection to them now may be limited; we will attempt to provide more comfort and proof through this message.

As we have said, you are all moving through a massive restructuring, and we do mean you and the world at large. Many of you are experiencing uncertainty and fear that is not new to you, but this time it might feel more intense, which was also intentional.

We will give you a simple explanation that may help you understand and accept what is occurring now. You are an eternal being who has lived many lifetimes, and each time, you expand and evolve more. Now because you are all one or connected, what occurs and manifests within you, does so in all others. Your optimism can become intensified during these periods of growth, but so can your fear.

Yesterday Roger took an action that involved his family that felt right to him and as though he was fulfilling part of his life mission. We told him he was, but Roger felt terrible and almost as if he had done something wrong, which he had not. Many of you may experience the same or similar feelings, and the message we will leave will help. We told Roger about the message, and when he found it, he looked away immediately, attempting not to accept that he has always known what to do, just as you have, but at times it is uncomfortable. We will repeat it; you will be fine.

June 13, 2014
You do indeed experience what might be considered growing pains. These are not of a physical nature as you may have thought, but they are of a spiritual nature. Growing pains is merely a metaphor meaning that you become uncomfortable, slightly disoriented, and feeling a bit out of sorts, as it were. This is because you gain more wisdom, knowledge, awareness and come to know and own who you truly are, which moves you into unknown territory.

The entire process is helpful, though, because if you did not have those growing pains, you would not know you had accomplished anything at all. You noticed yesterday that you perceived what might be a negative comment about you and noticed it had absolutely no effect. Even that experience was new, uncomfortable in a sense, and an excellent reason for having growing pains.

The salvation of the world depends on you

The salvation of the world depends on you

November 21, 2020
The salvation of the world depends on you. Yes, we do mean you, or you would not be alive now. Hopefully, we will provide you with more evidence of this and why you thought it might have been a good idea to live through a pandemic.

We have said you and your world are moving through a massive restructuring. While we know most others, but not many who read our words, do not believe they had lived before or had other lifetimes; however, we assure you that it is true. Otherwise, you would have a challenging time explaining evolution. That sentence will make sense to you soon.

We gave Roger information years ago that informed this current period, but he didn’t understand it then as it was not needed until now. We will leave at the end the message which explains the meaning of salvation. We gave Roger this title today to take him back more than thirty years where he studied "A Course in Miracles," and one of the lessons was "The Salvation of The World Depends on Me." At the time, Roger could not embody that as you have not. But now, the message we will leave makes sense, and he is devoting his life to living what we gave him.

The point of this message is that each was born to evolve in some particular and meaningful way to you, and this time in your world is helping you when you do not resist the urgent need to release previously held limitations. The big surprise is that goal is the only one you had in this lifetime. You will be fine.

September 28, 2017
When you come to understand that the experiences you have had, and especially the ones that you thought were difficult, actually brought you a greater benefit, that is how salvation feels.

When you come to understand what you thought were unrelated events and circumstances of your life were actually all woven together to provide you with an almost magical tapestry of your life that you might use to provide even greater benefit to others, that is how salvation feels.

When you come to understand that no one else ever did anything to you, but you allowed those things to occur so you could become your best self, that is how salvation feels.

Be patient with yourself as you come to accept your gifts

Be patient with yourself as you come to accept your gifts

November 20, 2020
Be patient with yourself as you come to accept your gifts. We know for many that sentence does not seem to coincide with what you may believe you observe in your world today, but we assure you that is occurring for you.

As we have said you and, your world, being led by the United States, are experiencing a massive restructuring. It is not difficult for you to notice how uncomfortable and frightening this might be as most of you resist being with yourselves, as will be required in the coming months for the process of accepting a bigger, more evolved being and world to emerge.

We will give you one story, and we will attempt to keep it in this lifetime, so it is credible to more of you. If you have read us for a while, then your know we have spoken of Roger’s reluctance to do work he felt called to do more than thirty years ago. Roger believed he wasn’t capable and left the vocation. As he is restructuring himself now, Roger is more willing to accept his gift, but still reluctantly as you might be doing.

Also, we want to acknowledge our new readers, and yes, we noticed you, and you will find what you need here.

Yesterday Roger saw two comments in his Facebook group that were a direct result of the counseling he has done, and they even as much gave him that recognition. Roger looked at those statements, questioned whether or not he might have caused that, and then went to bed. We mean that you each will uncover talents, gifts, and abilities that will emerge now due to the current conditions, but you might at first resist them for they are confusing to you.

The next few months will be challenging; however, if you decide to understand and accept that what is occurring, you will know you are being offered another opportunity to evolve and expand. And you will become better and also grateful for this time. And believe it or not, you will be fine.

Your world will heal when you decide to do your job

Your world will heal when you decide to do your job

November 19, 2020
Your world will heal when you decide to do your job. We want each of you to accept the responsibility for the conditions that currently exist in your world. Once you have done that, ask yourself what you might do to cause the situation to improve or evolve. When you have that answer, decide to do whatever it might be, and watch the manifestations that begin to emerge in your life and the world.

We know that entire paragraph might have been confusing, but now we will have it make sense for so many. You each are born into a time-space continuum to have the conditions, situations, and people in place to facilitate your evolution, which is that of the world. But each time you are born, you must develop and utilize new skills and talents. Now because they are new and you have grown to fear the unknown, you resist the very things you wanted to develop. Every soul does this, and you do it in a manner that is helpful to your evolution, those in your soul family, and conversely, the world.

During this pandemic you created, you experienced aspects of yourself that will aid that evolution. You might have become frightened, angry, or wanted to retreat, or you began discovering new abilities and talents. But even those did not cause you to relax. We will give you one example from Roger’s life, but you are meant to find the correlation to yours.

We had said you are moving through a massive restructuring in your world occurring within each soul. Please make the mental connections between restructuring, the unknown, and fear. We said the United States would lead the way, and the election would help. Yesterday Roger happened to post something on social media concerning the election. Due to the extreme division that currently exists, it is not possible for you not to have an opinion or reaction. What Roger witnessed was a lack of information. However, he did not see that at first. What he did initially was to judge them for their ignorance. Then Roger remembered why he was born, which was to be love and offer help and guidance. He then took another stance. Roger sent them information of an educational nature that settled the situation.

The point of that story was he decided to do his job. You are supposed to realize, accept, and do yours! It never matters what conditions exist in your world, and yes, you are connected to them all, but it is about what you do with them that allows you to do your job in this lifetime. Please study this message for a while, and what you will discover is its wisdom, which will emerge in your life and the world quite soon. You will be fine.

You have feared your power

You have feared your power

November 18, 2020
You have feared your power. That sentence is not a judgment, and this message will be an explanation. When we say power, it is not about some physical strength, but it is about your ability to manifest and create whatever you want in your life. We are describing a natural state of evolution and the restructuring your world and you are experiencing.

This message is a bit long, for it is essential we place it with another, but if you take the time to understand them together and the timing, you will find comfort.

Roger is having difficulty with this transmission, for he knows it must be authentic for it to be effective. Like you, he has not quite accepted the abilities and talents he has, but you each intended to improve upon them in this lifetime. Each of you is experiencing this now, and it can unnerving. It feels to many of you that the pandemic is the source of your fear, but we would offer it is far more than that. Of course, stressful times cause each of you to access talents you have let lay dormant, and during this restructuring, the energy is more intense, so your confusion is elevated.

We will tell a story that will have all of this make sense. During Roger’s webinar last week, one person attended that Roger noted was intently focused upon him throughout the presentation. There was an energetic connection made, which they both knew. This person then scheduled a consultation that occurred yesterday. Immediately when they began, we took over and told them why they were there. Roger said he knew they were frightened as they could not explain these new sensations and thoughts and were confused about what they might do. Roger said, "that is why you are here. I know that I attract those who need guidance and assurance as they are awakening to who they are."

Then the person asked a question, and we will now speak to them directly as we feel they will read our words. You asked if you could achieve something, and we said yes. The reason you asked is that you knew we would affirm what you already knew. Now it will be your job to offer your understanding and ever-growing awareness to others.

We know this particular transition is challenging for many, but we will offer more assurance. In January, we told Roger what was ahead for him and intimated he would discover it soon, and this was before his awareness of the pandemic. We will post it here, for it will offer a sense of relief to some of you. You are not here accidentally, and things are progressing nicely, and you will be fine.

January 15, 2020
You are afraid of the light. We brought Roger to this quote from Plato this morning, and we will explain why. The full quote is, "You can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark, but the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light."

We will begin with the premise that there are no coincidences or accidental events that occur in your life. If you do not know this or come to believe it, you become a victim in your life rather than a victor. We can be poetic at times.

Here is the story. Yesterday Roger met with his friends that we mentioned he hadn’t seen in years. Because of this, they wanted to know about his life’s journey. Roger joked and said, "I will give you the Cliff notes," or a consolidated version. Even he couldn’t believe all the experiences of every shape, manner, or form as he did so. When Roger returned home, he needed to finish a biography of sorts for the group he was working with. At first, he sent his work and career history, and then they asked for his accomplishments. Now, these two experiences strung together caused him to recognize that he had been afraid of the light. Roger said, "I couldn’t have had this life unless I was meant to do something with it meaningful."

Then last night, a friend asked for an energy healing session as they were in excruciating pain. Roger knew he could accomplish this but had been afraid to "practice" it more. He did it brilliantly. Then this morning, he picked up his program, which he began creating more than four years ago and has yet to complete. Roger discovered there everything we have given him, which could aid so many others if he would stop being afraid of the light. That last sentence is meant for all of you, without exception.

Oh, we almost forgot. It is not accidental that Roger, and you, are receiving this message on this day. Figure it out.

Your reality is the correct one

Your reality is the correct one

November 17, 2020
Your reality is the correct one. If more people believed and understand that concept, you would experience less division in your world. It took a while for Roger to allow this message to come through, for he was following our guidance of not using judgment, of which he had quite a bit, and the bulk of it directed at himself. You each may encounter this during your restructuring, and it would be best to continue practicing self-forgiveness heavily.

As we have said, you are moving through a massive restructuring being led by the United States. You each decided to be alive during this time to further your evolution, which is that of your world. In that process, you will encounter limiting ideas and beliefs you have carried about yourself and the nature of reality. You have carried it throughout this lifetime and many others. Again, we bring up your ancestors’ energies, for, believe it or not; they are affecting you and your world now. Today you will notice the results of this behavior on full display in your current existence.

We will give you bit size pieces today. Yesterday we mentioned Roger came upon a video that he intuitively knew would help a client, so he trusted that without fully understanding the outcome. Roger received an immediate response that said, "yes, this was meant to come to me." We threw in that story to encourage you at this time more than ever, to trust your intuition.

Then Roger felt inclined to study someone of recent popularity and found similarities and believed he was meant to see that for his encouragement. His friend thought Roger adds too much meaning to absolutely everything. Yes, he does. Because he thinks that is why each of you decided to have a physical life experience, was to interpret things in a new way to cause evolution. You cannot do that without the contrast presented to you by others. Unfortunately, you make contrast right or wrong rather than about choice and preference.

Last night Roger was ordering a new phone, and his friend offered his opinion on which one to get and then sent Roger an article stating that people who use Androids are smarter. Roger then jokingly said, "you’re calling me stupid." The friend thought Roger’s ego was hurt, and even Roger felt that might have been the case, but he also said the other day he reached a place where others’ judgment did not bother him. What did bother him was the assessment that your intelligence could be ascertained through the phone you chose. You each will find ways to make someone else wrong, so you feel right, and when you look at your world today, you will see the results of your thinking.

Roger could not judge his friend, for earlier Roger happened to see a former client online who was railing about the election and denying the results. Roger had always judged this person as not being so intelligent, which opposed his life purpose. You have all demonstrated the plausible deniability of which we spoke. Still, your restructuring will cause each of you to own your reality without needing to make others less than you because the brilliant thing you figure out is, you are all one and are using the contrast of each other to evolve. Study this message again and again. You will be fine.

You always felt you could have done more

You always felt you could have done more

November 16, 2020
You always felt you could have done more. That sentence is accurate for every single person unless, of course, you choose to remain in denial. The current condition of your world will make that difficult to do.

Each of you is facing some feelings of hopelessness, fear, uncertainty, and even anger. All of them were ordered by you to show up in your life at this time to aid your evolution and contribute in a meaningful way to the restructuring of your world.

Now the feeling you could have done more is either a very conscious awareness of this lifetime or a previous lifetime of which you have no understanding. As usual, it doesn’t matter if you believe that, but it would be helpful for you to attempt. Our following story may help.

For quite some time, we have said that Roger struggled to allow information from us to come through. You have done that because usually, it doesn’t make sense to you what you might be hearing or feeling, but again, nothing is accidental. When you begin to embrace that concept, you will uncover more miracles in your life.

Yesterday we specifically told Roger to take the day off. Yes, he has gotten to the point that he follows his intuition. You will begin to do more of that, and these current times are helping you. We then led Roger to a documentary that we will even name here for those of you who feel inclined will search for it, and it will help you understand what you see currently in your life and the world. It is entitled "Love Wins Over Hate." Roger cannot tell you how he "stumbled" upon it, but if further informed, what Roger felt was his work to do. He also thought he could have done more before, and he is correct, as are you. We mean you are in an eternal state of evolution, so there is always more you can do, and you might decide that is true now because the pandemic you planned is bringing it to your awareness.

Yes, we are using phrases and ideas that will cause you to recognize your importance in this world. Then we led Roger to a video about autism that "magically" provided Roger with information for a client and informed the info he knew intuitively but did not trust, as you have done in your life.

Roger got wind of the conditions in your world today and felt a bit of guilt as he knew from us what to expect, and feels his role as a teacher but did not find the way to deliver information that would have helped more. The guilt is entirely pointless and nonproductive, but the awareness will now cause him to make a more significant impact. You are doing the same thing, and even though it may be uncomfortable for you now, you will come to appreciate moving through this time, and you will do more, and you will be fine.

You never wanted to change them; you wanted to change you

You never wanted to change them; you wanted to change you

November 15, 2020
You never wanted to change them; you wanted to change you. That sentence is correct for every individual, and not understanding this concept is the source of the discourse you witness in the world and your life. There is no separation.

This morning, we awakened Roger quite early, and he glanced at a news report showing demonstrations and brawls that erupted in the United States’ capital. Of course, we would have to go there, for we have said you all are in a massive restructuring that begins within each of you and never in the other person, although you do use others to discover yourself. You will find it challenging to perform self-reflection without the examples provided to you by others.

You each were born to accomplish something unique to you and congruent with your soul’s evolution and timeline. You don’t have to understand that sentence, but we will have it make sense in your current physical life experience. You must come to determine or recognize what it is you want to achieve in your life now. When Roger observed the conflicts, what came to his awareness was many were fighting with one another to find their power and control, but the source of that power and control never existing out there somewhere; it is within each of you.

We will now prove it to you. Months ago, we told Roger not to become distracted with the current election in the United States, for it has already been decided. At that time, Roger listened to us and got back to his purpose, which he could have easily avoided again as he has done for eons. What he wanted to do this lifetime is to embrace and own his leadership skills, intuitive communication, and helping others utilize their untapped ability to evolve. Roger, like you, did not know for sure he could do that. You fear what you think you want to do, for you believe you may not have the ability, and that is never true.

Yesterday Roger held his webinar, which we said would be successful and yield better returns than his previous endeavors because that webinar was aligned with his life purpose. Several days ago, Roger recorded a video saying, of course, through us, that once you find your life purpose, you will have little time for anything else, and now the truth of those words resonate for him.

Many of you will find yourself moving to new areas of your life due to your world’s conditions. You will find your focus returning to what you desire to create in this life and continually find more courage to move in that direction.

We must leave you with this. Many have thought the saying "seeing is believing" was valuable when, in fact, it derailed you. Believing causes sight. You will be fine.

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