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You see perfection later

You see perfection later

January 19, 2020

You see perfection later. The title we gave you is another way of saying you create your own reality. It is also another way of saying every experience that comes to you is for your benefit. Many times you will have experiences that are designed to bring awareness to many different behaviors or actions that might be limiting your evolution. You will understand that sentence as we move along.

Yesterday Roger had an excellent video shooting with other coaches, and the praise and compliments he received were surprising to him and even uncomfortable. Roger can see now the perfection of that because had he received those things before, he would have denied them, as he usually had done.

Then Roger came home to discover a person harassing him on social media, and that experience became dominant in Roger’s experience. As you move forward in your life and begin to take ownership of your life, you will experience dissent from others. The perfection these events showed Roger was where he had been placing his attention, and therefore creating that reality. Something for all of you to contemplate.


It is not possible for you to be in a wrong place in your life

It is not possible for you to be in a wrong place in your life

January 18, 2020

It is not possible for you to be in a wrong place in your life. We will use some subjective words in this message, so you understand the meaning intended. Our opening sentence is true for every person, without exception. Simply because the experiences in your life may be challenging or uncomfortable, they are not wrong. They are showing up for you to figure them out and cause you to evolve. There is no other purpose for your life.

We will attempt to make this story as concise as possible. Roger worries about how much we have to say, even though we warned him that would be occurring. Roger has always felt drawn to do work in his life that might aid others. At times he doesn’t understand it, and neither do those close to him in his life. This condition, however, has caused him to seek to find his truth continually.

Yesterday he had an hour and a half meeting with the other four coaches with whom he is working. At the end of the meeting, one coach said, "I’m going to go to YouTube and do my vocal warm ups on Roger’s channel." If only you could have seen the shock on Roger’s face after they told Roger they had been following him since they were a teenager. Roger has little awareness, or we should say acceptance, of those he impacts.

After the meeting, another coach called Roger with an offer to collaborate on a project. When Roger went to investigate the product, he realized he had known of this coach years ago from a television show. Roger then felt his old inadequacy emerge. Had he known this information earlier, he would have reinforced that feeling of inadequacy. The timing here was perfect, as it always is in each of your lives.

Then Roger had a call with a friend who has judged Roger for another friend Roger has in his life. Roger has attempted to avoid this conversation, but he couldn’t, and during the conversation, we came through in a bit of anger. Roger has always felt the value that he was receiving through this relationship, but no one else did. There was a reason for this, which we told him years ago, but we will remind him and you again. We will place that message here. Yet, Roger still has not released his people-pleasing mode, so he wants us to apologize again for the length of this message. But it will be worth it.


March 24, 2017

You needed the opposition. While needed is not the appropriate word for need never really exists, it does get you to pay attention. It would be more appropriate to say that you desired the opposition because you knew that would cause you to become motivated. You wanted the motivation because you knew that would lead you to more self-belief because you also knew that was what you sought and was the only element missing in your personal formula for success.

There is so much for you to study here. The point of all this is, you will find it quite difficult to reach the level of success and accomplishment in your life without the development of your sense of self-belief.


You have never valued your worth or who you are

You have never valued your worth or who you are

January 17, 2020

You have never valued your worth or who you are. We must say we went to extraordinary lengths to deliver this message. Now all of it will be a story.

Several days ago, we mentioned that Roger was tasked with creating a mini-biography for a group in which he is now involved. When Roger read the promotional materials created from his words, he could not believe it was him. It sounded completely fabricated, yet it was not.

Then Roger was asked to submit possible contestants for a talent competition. The instruction he gave others was to send their best audition submission. Roger received one last night that broke his heart. The individual had obviously spent a great deal of money creating this video, which Roger immediately recognized it would not be suitable, which he informed this person. Roger offered his help, and the person said he could not afford his rates. Yet this person spent money on something that would do nothing for them. You all do this in various ways, including Roger!

Then last night, while organizing his office. Roger held a folder containing our earliest messages. Roger did not know why at the time, but we want him to post a few lines with the date. Keep in mind he took a paragraph he created for his program, "Overcoming Everything," and posted it on Facebook to see if it resonated with others, which it did. When he places it here, it will make sense to all of you. Hopefully, you will come to value yourself more.

March 21, 1989

Your feeling of littleness is exactly what has kept you from experiencing your full power and creativity; however, your feeling of humility is the part that keeps you open and receptive to learning and growing.

Facebook: This paragraph is the opening I just wrote for my online program. Let me know what you think.

Welcome to your life! That sentence is meant to congratulate you on your decision to become more, to evolve, succeed, and be happy. Please do not dismiss the happy part, for you will find that is the key to your new life. The program is entitled "Overcoming Everything – a Self-Guide to Empowerment" because if you are willing, those are the results you will experience, feel, and relish. I speak these words to you from a place of knowing they are true because it is what I have done. You will soon discover the credibility I possess because of my life. I feel it’s important to pepper in much of my experience so your level of disbelief will be removed.

There is only one form of failure that ever occurs

There is only one form of failure that ever occurs

January 16, 2020

There is only one form of failure that ever occurs. It took a while for Roger to find the correct words to deliver this message. Partly because he, as many of you, has been fearful of examining the concept of failure. But Roger does it because he knows that if he writes it, he can no longer ignore our urging.

First of all, we have always said that failure does not exist. However, you will have experiences of failure and those are feelings and emotions. Those experiences are not tangible. As we have also said, your emotions are to alert you to your behaviors, thoughts, and actions. And the uncomfortable ones are to point out where and when you are limiting yourself.

You each are born with specific accomplishments you want to experience, and those have nothing to do with money, status, or possessions. You each know what that thing in front of is you desire to do, and each time you fail to move in that direction, you have an experience of failure. Now decide if you want to stay there.


You are afraid of the light

You are afraid of the light

January 15, 2020
You are afraid of the light. We brought Roger to this quote from Plato this morning, and we will explain why. The full quote is, “You can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark, but the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.”

We were going to begin with the premise that there are no coincidences accidental events that occur in your life. If you do not know this or come to believe it, you become a victim in your life rather than a victor. We can be poetic at times.

Here is the story. Yesterday Roger met with his friends that we mentioned he hadn’t seen in years. Because of this, they wanted to know about his life’s journey. Roger joked and said, “I will give you the Cliff notes,” or a consolidated version. As he did so, even he couldn’t believe all the experiences of every shape, manner, or form. When he returned home, he needed to finish a biography of sorts for the group with which he is working. At first, he sent his work and career history, and then they asked for his accomplishments. Now, these two experiences strung together caused him to recognize that he had been afraid of the light. Roger said, “I couldn’t have had this life unless I was meant to do something with it meaningful.”

Then last night, a friend asked for an energy healing session as they were in excruciating pain. Roger knew he could accomplish this but had been afraid to “practice” it more. He did it brilliantly. Then this morning, he picked up his program, which he began creating more than four years ago and has yet to complete. Roger discovered there everything we have given him, which could aid so many others if he would stop being afraid of the light. That last sentence is meant for all of you, without exception.

Oh, we almost forgot. It is not accidental that he, and you, are receiving this message on this day. Figure it out.


Please give up the fight

Please give up the fight

January 14, 2020

Please give up the fight. We are speaking to each of you and Roger more specifically, as he is fighting us in receiving this message.

You each are born into the world with characteristics, inclinations, and desires that are unique, and quite individual. None of them are precisely the same! You each have difficulty with this because you judge and measure everything in physical terms, and then label them as good or bad, and right and wrong. Now because you don’t understand this completely, you will view others who either came before or who are in your current experience. Then when you experience your differences, you tend to think something is wrong with you, or you are off-track in some way. You will know you are operating in this manner because you feel uncomfortable, sad, depressed, and sometimes even angry. Those emotions are meant to alert you to the fact you are fighting against yourself.

Roger has done this for decades, and brilliantly we might add so that he will serve as an excellent example for you all. Roger finds it challenging to release his need to inspire and support others. Those close to him judge this behavior as being odd, but he finds it impossible and physically uncomfortable to operate any other way. We have spoken of this often, and you can find a message we gave; you can’t be anyone else and be happy.

Here’s the story. Roger received an email from a client last night, expressing their appreciation for his work. Roger couldn’t read it or respond until this morning. We want him to place those words here, and that is where he is fighting us. The client is from another country, and we don’t want him to correct the English. Also today Roger is visiting with friends he has not seen or spoken to in fifty years. They sent him a message which he didn’t understand and pushed back on. We want him to find that as well.

We gave him a process to use, which he gives to his clients called, find your own motivation. The instruction is to find and appreciate your accomplishments. He doesn’t do it himself, which is why we are taking this opportunity now. We thank you for your indulgence.

Message one.
Let me also take this opportunity to thank you for the great job you have done; I will make sure I work so hard on what I have learned.
You are such a kind,nice and helpsome person to work with.
I did not feel judged or looked down on, but you did your best to help me from my level.
Thank you once again sir. may God bless you and take you far in what you are doing for other people. I also read your newsletters which are very helpful.

Message two:
WONDERFUL! You are one of the high points of this trip, literally and figuratively!


Public humiliation is liberating

Public humiliation is liberating

January 13, 2020

Public humiliation is liberating. We must give credit to that line to the actor Joaquin Phoenix. Roger watched an interview with him yesterday that was indeed liberating. Joaquin decided a few years ago to embody a fake personality, all in an effort to create a film. Most thought he had completely lost his mind, and to top it off, the film did poorly. When he was asked why he did it, and what value he received, the answer was he became a better actor, and he discovered public humiliation is liberating.

It is also the answer many of you have been seeking. To further the point, Roger also saw Gary Clark, Jr, who is considered one of the finest guitarists of your time. Gary said he would never say that to anyone when he was younger, as they might have thought he was crazy. You all do that one also. Roger is speaking on this as he has done it for decades.

The other day we gave him words that he recorded. Roger rarely does this, and never intending to share it with others. But now, if he doesn’t, this message will not impact you as we hoped. Roger does not know at this moment or remember the exact words but keep in mind, we led him to a video this morning where the responsibility of fully living your life was discussed. We have spoken on this for decades, and if you are adventurous enough, visit our website and search for the word responsibility. None of this is accidental, including you, your life, and you reading this now.

Here is what you are to take away from this message. You have been hearing guidance and direction in your life as to what you are to do, and you have been ignoring it because others might think you are crazy like Joaquin and Gary. Please be that. Also, Joaquin happened to win the critic’s choice award for best actor last night.

The recording: (Click view online)

You and your world evolve through and because of fear

You and your world evolve through and because of fear

January 12, 2020

You and your world evolve through and because of fear. We know that title might be puzzling at first, but it will make sense. Many of you have come to believe that the presence or experience of fear is your biggest problem. You may now find the opposite to be true.

Yes, we had Roger write a book on fear, but on close examination, you will notice we led you to greater awareness through those very discussions. Recently, as we have mentioned, Roger found himself somewhat mesmerized by documentaries. It felt strange to him because many of them were concerning scientists, and Roger has never held an affinity for science itself. Last night we led him to Nikola Tesla. You each will seek others who have either come before, who have accomplished great things, and then find resonance or likeness with those individuals. You do this because of fear. You think there is something wrong with you because of the thoughts you have or inexplicable feelings. But you have also evolved because of that knowledge-seeking. Later in Tesla’s life, many felt he had lost touch with reality. Many have said the same to Roger, but now he feels he’s in good company. Many of you felt that just by reading those words.

We will explain this through an experience with Roger’s client. Roger could see their fear of newfound abilities and talents, but also they did not trust this. And that was due to the fear of the unknown. Roger said, allow yourself to become comfortable in this new space, and the fear will subside. That is what we are saying to each of you.


You needed this experience

You needed this experience

January 11, 2020

You needed this experience. First of all, we must explain, again, there is nothing of a physical nature that any of you need to live a happy and fulfilled life. However, on an emotional, spiritual, and mental level, that is a different story.

We must also set the premise, although many of you refuse to believe it. You each are born with specific things you wanted to accomplish in this lifetime. Those individual accomplishments then add to your personal expansion or evolvement, and to all that is, or collective consciousness. None of you are more or less important than another. That is the part you all still maintain difficulty in believing and accepting.

Decades ago, we gave Roger information on the power of your emotions. He is still coming to understand this. The premise for that was, all of your emotions are valid and will lead you to your beliefs if you don’t judge them. None of them are good or bad for those are merely labels you each make up. Roger has known that his experience of anger holds valuable information if he can release that judgment.
Roger has also labeled himself as a sensitive person which has caused challenges. There are two sides to every emotion and experience, so pick one that serves you now.

Here is the story, albeit one Roger does not want to tell. Yesterday while watching a movie, Roger happened to see a notification on his phone of a message on Facebook. When he examined the message, he became angry and needed to answer it immediately. The essence of the message was, the person felt Roger was giving others false hope as to what others might accomplish in their lives. Roger has also known and felt that his role on the earth was to dispel that myth. Roger responded, and then immediately felt horrible and carried that feeling the rest of the evening. Now we must say, the person apologized, but Roger has yet to read this.

The important part here for him and why he needed this experience is that he can never accomplish what he desires if he remains too sensitive. We told him to find his "harsh" response and post it here. Many of you will see, through his example, how you judge yourselves needlessly, and it is your interpretations of events that hold you back from what you might accomplish in this world.

Here is the response Roger judged as being far too harsh.
"I have been coaching for more than 30 years, and I have taken people who have no natural talent or ability and developed them into becoming while not great singers, but decent and somewhat good singers. I believe in the potential of anything people desire to achieve if they take the time and are shown the correct skills and techniques to develop that talent. I never do anything just for money. You obviously do not know me, and that comment was a bit insulting. But I do wish you the best in your career."


How to move beyond fear and the day your life changes

How to move beyond fear and the day your life changes

January 10, 2020

How to move beyond fear and the day your life changes. For many of you who choose to extrapolate your truth from this message, that sentence and title will be your experience.

We will give you the story. The sequential order of events is purposeful. Yesterday while having lunch, Roger flipped on his television to watch a recording from a while ago, which contained Oprah. Roger didn’t know why he had waited so long, but when he watched it, he did. Roger had just finished a meeting with several other coaches with whom he will be working. Roger expressed his continual reluctance and fear of exactly embracing and revealing who he is. This fear included the mention of us or his guidance. Then Roger happened to notice the television show of Mel Robbins, who he has admired, and we have mentioned. Mel was doing what Roger wanted, but Roger thought this type of thing could not be brought to television or the public, but now he was witnessing both Oprah and Mel doing so.

Then Roger received a video from a friend which he shared with others. Roger thought he would receive judgment because this particular friend is one who many believed could not change who he was. Roger attempted to hold an opposite belief; however, when he watched the video, he witnessed his own lack of belief, as well as judgment. Again, Roger got to see his lack of belief in himself and his intuition.

Then Roger fell asleep with his television on. When we awakened him in the middle of the night, there was a talk show playing of someone Roger also had judged and didn’t understand why they had a television show. What he noticed was this host was doing what he wanted, but his lack of belief in himself didn’t even allow him to view the show previously. In the show also was Gabby Bernstein, who we have also mentioned. Again, Gabby said everything Roger was afraid to say, and she is living a glorious life.

Then Roger fell asleep again, but this time listening to a video of music on his iPad. When he came to, there was a video playing from an astrologer speaking on the powerful astrological shift that is occurring this day, and you all feel it, but you may attempt to ignore this, as Roger did. You are all connected, and this shift is real, and it is calling each of you to own who you are.

Then this morning, when Roger went to his computer, there was a video staring at him of Lisa Nichols. Yes, you guessed it; we have mentioned her. Again, Roger saw someone who was saying what he wouldn’t say, but she owned every word, and she played something from Dr. Martin Luther King, who surprisingly we also mentioned. None of this was accidental, and you reading this isn’t accidental either.

We know this was long, but it could have been much longer as we were bombarding Roger with information. The reason we did so is we didn’t want this information, or this day to be lost on him or any of you. You’re welcome.


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