Are you tired yet?

Are you tired yet?

April 19, 2019

Are you tired yet? We wanted you to begin with that statement so you would be pushed to share with others how much you tried to stop this message from coming through. This behavior is one that has become familiar to you, which is why today was uncomfortable. You knew you could no longer do that.

You were initially going to write, “when doubt no longer works.” You knew that had occurred, but you didn’t want to acknowledge that either. Now we have brought you to where you wanted to be.

Writing these incidents will help you all. You first read something that intimated you were moving beyond doubt. Then you heard a video that said, “just breathe,” which told you if you stayed conscious in every moment of now through breath, you could change things, but that seems too easy.

You all do this because if you were to acknowledge your gifts, your life direction would be in your hands. It is now.


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