Are you running away or charging to?

Are you running away or charging to?

July 18, 2019

Roger was having difficulty allowing this message to come through for various reasons, which will help all of you as you understand this as you all do this. Yesterday, while in counsel with a client, he advised them to seek to find the things in their life they feel innately drawn to or have a compelling feeling to do. He believes that once you find those things, you are fulfilling your life purpose. Later in the evening, he accepted a social invitation that he didn’t really want to do, but accepted out of a feeling of obligation and habit. Never good reasons.

He then recognized he didn’t follow his initial feeling and extricated himself from the situation because he wanted to place his attention in another area. Now, this is big for him as he had asked for the experience of autonomy, and this was it. He asked to be shown his life purpose and direction, and this was it. He almost missed it until we wouldn’t let go of this communication. You all do this!

His favorite question is, are you running away from something or charging to something else? Your answer is vital.


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