Any experience of failure is an intentional choice

Any experience of failure is an intentional choice

April 2, 2021
Any experience of failure is an intentional choice. It took us quite a while to get Roger to write those words, for he, like you, tends to judge himself when he discovers information Roger believes he should have known before. That sentence is the one many of you use in an attempt to halt your evolution. Now you see why Roger had trouble allowing this message to come through, for it will provide many of with food for thought that will aid the current global restructuring.

You each were born to be alive at this moment in time to continue on the next part of your evolutionary journey. We are intimating that you are eternal beings even though you have no memory of that. To illustrate our point and to even have it resonate with those who do not believe you have lived before, we will use this lifetime. There is not one of you here who cannot recognize those times in your life where you found yourself repeating what felt to you to be similar problems, challenges, or circumstances. That occurs because you are the one who desired to notice them so that you might evolve with more significant acceleration.

Yesterday Roger had several events that inform this message which he did not know until now. The first incident was a meeting with someone Roger instinctively felt could aid him in his business endeavors. When the meeting began, the gentlemen began saying things without Roger’s input that were so aligned with Roger’s goals that they both knew that "magically," they had made a great connection and agreed to meet again on Saturday.

After that, Roger had an empowerment client where Roger decided to share some information Roger has known would aid this individual. It was related directly to Roger’s life experience. Roger knew he could not have been as helpful without his prior experience, which at the time Roger had classified as difficult and challenging, only to discover its value now. You will also find this in your life.
Then Roger had another meeting where he turned down an offer that he knew was not what he wanted to accomplish now. That meeting was the most clarifying for Roger, and the other person emailed after to keep the conversation intact.

Then Roger revisited a group he was invited to join that required a bit of study. This group of professionals and entrepreneurs aims to earn a lot of money through their mutual connections. The opportunity could benefit Roger, but it would require time, and Roger knew he wanted to devote his time now to finish what he hasn’t his entire life, and that is true for you as well. You each are restructuring.

It took Roger so long to write this message because we took him back forty-two years, so he might remember what he was up to now. Roger worked for a company that offered training, but Roger felt it was not up to the level it could have been, and the reason was the owners did not want to invest more money. Roger decided he had to live up to the commitment he made to his staff, so he left and decided to begin a company with his vision. "Magically," after he did so, he was offered the money he had sought.

When you reread this message, you will find what you are attempting to restructure within yourself, we didn’t use the quotes arbitrarily, and you will be fine.

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