Any advice for today? April 22, 2010 Chaos

Any advice for today? April 22, 2010 Chaos

April 22, 2010

Any advice for today?

Chaos is what you create when you desire the experience of peace. This concept is truly wonderful for you when you accept, believe and own that you do indeed create every aspect of your physical life experience. While this is not always a fully conscious process in your present moment awareness, it is indeed the reality.

It would be beneficial in this aspect for you to know that it is all done with the intention you set forth of expansion and greater awareness. Chaos allows you the opportunity to let go of control. That very control is what you inject into your life experience when you do not fully trust the integrity of your experience. Integrity then simply means that all is purposefully and deliberately leading to evolvement.

It is not possible for you to exist without this process occurring, and every moment that you do exist in physical form provides you with greater awareness. Relish that and you easily let go of your need to control anything.


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