Another crossroad is before you

Another crossroad is before you

September 12, 2021
Another crossroad is before you. You were born to evolve, and for that to occur, you have to make choices in your life. The only choices that you have are between love or fear. You are making that choice based on your evolutionary journey this time and what you desired to achieve, which has always felt unfilled by you somehow.

You decided that living through a restructuring of your world would aid you, for you are the same. We would like you to remember that theme, for it is the aim collectively you all sought. We brought up this subject in every one of our Sunday talks which we will continue today.

But first, we will share a message now we gave you years ago that each of you is reconciling in your life, and as you do, your restructuring will be complete, and you will witness the same in your world.

July 20, 2009
Everything that shows up in your life experience offers you the opportunity to make a choice, and the only two choices you possess are love and fear. Love is always expansive and limitless, while fear is restrictive and limited. It matters not what is in front of you, but more importantly, what you decide to do with it.

If your intention on this life journey is always about expansion, then it would behoove you always to seek to choose love. You always know which you are indeed choosing by the “feeling” in your emotional body when you allow your present moment awareness to remain conscious.

While you may argue that there are certain situations, circumstances, and events that “should” cause you to be fearful, in the end, you always see the error of your thinking. Even your own death never happens.

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