And then you find yourself

And then you find yourself

August 13, 2019

And then you find yourself. We wanted to begin with that sentence so more of you will relate to this story, and the meaning intended. But in actuality, you were never lost, but when you release your resistance to being who you are, it feels to you as if you have found something.

Roger’s experience will further illustrate what you all go through. He had a strong instinct that the thing to do next was to create his vision. He set a specific day and time to do so. He accomplished that aspect of it, but then didn’t view it because he feared his old self-judgment. Roger thought if he did watch it, possibly he wouldn’t see anything of value. When he let go of that resistance and viewed the project, he “saw” himself. The only uncomfortable part was his recognition that what he saw was there all along, and it was only him who couldn’t see it. But now he will, and so will you.


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