All truth is relative, and yours is correct

All truth is relative, and yours is correct

March 30, 2021
All truth is relative, and yours is correct. That sentence is true for every person, and now we will explain. We have said you were moving through a massive restructuring that the United States would lead. Much of this did not make sense to Roger until we began giving him more information last night.

The United States was deemed to be the free world leader, only to discover now that all the inhabitants were not free. That cumulative feeling of deprivation brought awareness to you that could not have occurred without all the prior year’s events. Roger heard things yesterday that he knew to be untrue but saw so many believing them as he witnessed with last year’s election. In his anger, we said to him to tell his truth.

Now we come to the point of the restructuring and how helpful the United States has been. Many of you do not act or come to know your truth unless you feel a reason to do so. And you have had many.

Then we told Roger to search for our messages on truth, and again, he was shocked to see how many there were, but we want him to post the earlier one here without reading it first thoroughly for that way, it will be so much fun for him. You will enjoy it as well because each of you moves through your lives doubting your truth, but you would never come to know it unless you had done so. We love this message so much, but we will also say it may require a few readings for understanding, but you will be fine.

April 22, 2009
What others think of you is none of your business.
You have spent a great deal of your life experience making decisions, taking actions, and speaking words, based on what you think the reaction will be, from all those others, about all you do. When you decided to have a physical life experience, you intended to continually seek to know, activate, and own your own truth. This is not possible when you base what you do upon others.

You are a unique, magnificent, and capable being, as are all others. You each had your own individual purposes and desires of what you desired to create and manifest in your own way. When you permit yourself to own your own unique experience, you then give that same permission to others.

You eventually understand that what you see as "problems" in your collective physical world stems from others trying to have others believe and accept their truth. Your only "job," as it were, is to know your own.

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