All outcomes are choices

All outcomes are choices

July 27, 2021
All outcomes are choices. It would be wise for each of you to contemplate those words, for you wanted to be alive to utilize them during this restructuring. You each were also born to add to the evolvement of your world. And again, as we have said continually, that occurs when each of you comes to own yourselves and what you intended to accomplish in your lives. The current momentum generated in you and your world is potent with the potential you can use to create the outcome you desire.

You always could do this, but due to the divine timing of your life and the world, you are feeling more motivated at this time. You will also encounter resistance along the way, and more of it will be shown to you. We mean that you have used specific means to prevent yourself from progressing in your life. Most do this, for when you move over them, the expansion you experience is palatable.

Yesterday one of Roger’s friends provided us with a perfect example. They thought that possibly Roger enjoyed hearing himself, for we mention him so often. The opposite is true. Roger’s nature is introverted, so putting himself in front of others has been challenging, and if he were to receive any manner of judgment or criticism, it would stop him in his tracks.

As we explained to many of you on Sunday, Roger is quite aware of his limitations and the doubt and lack of belief he holds, as many of you do, and using him as an example provide more of you with something that resembles your life. You have studied every religious text, self-help book and listened to every astrologer but still wonder why nothing has changed.

We told Roger our mission was to inspire more of you to have conversations with yourselves such as ours, and you may just by chance move beyond your self-judgment this time, and you will be fine.

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