Acknowledge your experience of regret and use it to do good

Acknowledge your experience of regret and use it to do good

June 19, 2021
Acknowledge your experience of regret and use it to do good. That sentence is what we want to convey to you individually and the world at large. You are moving through a massive restructuring for the purposes of expansion. That expansion is occurring within you and then manifested in your physical world. For this to happen, you must be willing to share your growth experiences so more will appear.

We know the words we are using are subjective, but you know what they mean for you, and no one who would read this message would be confused. To acknowledge regret means that you come to understand there is more you could offer the world simply by owning who you are.

It took us a while to get Roger to deliver this because it is the same message we have given him for eons but now is when he and you are meant to realize what you are up to and aid this restructuring.

We told Roger to find a message that we gave a year ago, which he experienced yesterday. Many of you, like Roger, do not believe yourselves until you have proof, and this message will provide that. We know it will cause this message to become lengthy, but it is essential, so study this, and you will be fine.

August 9, 2020
You will come out of this period much better than you were. We know those words may not be comforting for many, but we will do our best to make it so. It took so long for Roger to allow this message to come through for reasons you might not have imagined. Roger thought that his optimistic view might be uncomfortable to some, and then we told him, "false humility is never helpful."

We led Roger to listen to many videos this morning, and many of them he knew he heard before, but today they made more sense. You each expand in your consciousness throughout this lifetime, and even others, which is not necessary for you to accept or understand now. You can witness this phenomenon in your current life; however, as Roger did, which is why he was so optimistic as his life experience informed him as to what is occurring in the world. You evolve individually and then as a whole. You are all doing this now.

We have said that when you do your job, you would be happy, fulfilled, and abundant. When you have lived your life denying you hold power or ability, it is not so easy to instantly summon it, so you require a bit of linear time. We led Roger back to a portion of a message that only makes sense fully today. We will leave it here as each of you will experience this either now or later, but it is why this period is helpful for you and how we know you will be fine and come out better.

"There is no greater feeling and experience than finding what you feel you were destined to do in your life, and there is no feeling worse than also knowing you are the only one who does not believe this, and you are the only one preventing you from having all you desire."

Finally, that quote makes sense to Roger, and today it will for those with whom he is currently working, and you know who you are.

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