Acceptance is far easier

Acceptance is far easier

May 1, 2019

This morning you read a response from one of your viewers who stated that they needed to listen to the message twice to receive
understanding, and the same may be true for you here. You were attempting to find the right words to deliver this message, and it was not that the words were not there, but it was you who didn’t want to say them. This is the dilemma you and all humans face, which is also why you are a perfect teacher.

What you heard first was, acceptance is far easier. What that meant was, you know and believe that all souls are born with purpose and meaning which are all unique and necessary in order for your world to not only exist but to evolve. You each then have your individual “jobs;” if you will. You can’t judge the rightness or wrongness of anyone’s role; it is only up to you to accept yours. You have not done that, you know it, and then you set up situations to cause you to do so.

Every soul does this but don’t know it, but you do, so now you also know your role. You have always known it, but did not accept it, and yesterday you had an incident that caused your purpose to scream at you.

Here is that line you need to read twice. It is not possible for you not to be love.


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