Abundance and being yourself are the same thing

Abundance and being yourself are the same thing

December 23, 2017

If you could remember nothing else throughout your life, this sentence might be the most beneficial. Abundance and being yourself are the same thing.

You are born into a state of unlimited abundance. Then you begin learning limitation, which is inadvertently taught to you by others as they try to guide you in life. You then interpret their guidance to be a denial of who you are, or in other words, you begin to control your behavior to please all others, and in that state, you begin to feel less than complete, inadequate, so you then cut off that natural flow of abundance.

Then you learn that you have done this by the thoughts you have been holding about who you are. But now you also know you are the one who controls your thoughts, and you can stop denying who you are through your thoughts, and now that natural flow of abundance must open again for you.

Study this for a while, own it, believe it, and change your life.


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