Any advice for today?

A daily guide for heightened spiritual awareness.

Welcome to my website and I do hope that the messages posted here offer you insight and guidance to leading a happy, productive and fulfilling life.

I began writing these messages in 1988 and now I’ll give you some of the details as to how it all started.

In 1988, I made a dramatic shift in my career and work situation and after having made that decision, experienced a great deal of fear and apprehension as to whether or not I had made a wise choice. I had been a student of many spiritual practices by this time but felt that I needed more help and guidance.

I was sitting at home reading a magazine article about a New York business executive who had a similar experience and he was told to try meditating and doing what might be called automatic writing. He had never been involved in any particular spiritual studies or endeavors before that time but he decided to give it a try and to his amazement, he began getting some answers. I then decided to follow his lead. I would sit in meditation and wait for any particular messages or words to come to me.

I would try to imagine a peaceful place; a waterfall, ocean or open fields. I would then imagine myself as a little boy; innocent and eager or information. I would then imagine a vision of what I considered to be a wise soul. I began to notice that certain sentences or phrases would pop into my mind. When certain ones kept repeating, I would then decide to try and write what was I was receiving. It was a little unsettling at first but I went with it anyway.

Many times I would have no idea of what I had just written until I would read it back. This process would continue and I would then begin to ask questions; sometimes in my mind or I would write them down. One of the first questions was, “who am I talking to?”. I got a response, which I wrote, that told me it was another part of me, in so many words. I asked if there was a name? I got the answer that if I felt I needed a name, that I could make one up. I did, and it was Wilhelm.

That was the name that came to me and it’s was I’ve always used to identify this other me or entity I was speaking with. I know that giving this entire process a name made it more palatable for me as the entire process seemed a bit strange. As time went on I began to trust it much more. After a while, I decided to stop asking specific questions and that’s when the simple statement, “Any advice for today?” became the standard question.

Now I felt I was more open to receive whatever information was to come through with out my own agenda. I have continued this practice over the years and at times have let it go, sometimes for long periods of time, or even years between messages. I have come to see the difference in my life journey when I am doing the messages and the chaos that ensued when I wasn’t.

I’ve done them through some very difficult and trying periods in my life and they were always a saving grace for me. I began sharing some of the messages with others and to my own amazement, many of them resonated with them, and a small email list of others who wanted to read them began to grow. It was then evident to me that I was not only writing messages for me but since we are all one, others would gain great value as well.

I thank you for visiting the site and hope you find great joy and inspiration in the messages. I invite you to share them with others and ask them to join the email list as well. As my dear grandmother would say;

All is well,