A special message for your audience

A special message for your audience

March 7, 2019

Please deliver this message to your audience while it is fresh in your experience. You found yourself in an uncomfortable situation and recognized your part in creating it, and you also witnessed your reluctance to take the action that led to the difficulty. So when the problem manifested, it was not surprising to you, but you wondered why you would take such actions especially because you felt resistance in moving forward.

Then you came to the awareness of the value of the entire experience. You wanted to evolve, but it was you holding yourself back, and throwing yourself in that uncomfortable state, caused you to climb out, so to speak, and that was what you wanted, and it was to move beyond limitation.

The point is you all are doing this all the time, but you are not aware of that as you are in the problem, but if you know everything is leading to your highest good, this will make sense to you. Eventually. Wilhelm

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