A message to Dave

A message to Dave

July 3, 2020
A message to Dave. We are so proud of ourselves, for we got more of you to read this message to discover who Dave might be. He is you. Now we will tell you the story to explain, and we are doing it in this manner to aid Dave for he as most of you have carried questions you cannot answer, and you wonder why we can.
Yesterday Dave sent Roger a question about reincarnation. He wanted to know why we used so many references, especially in our message yesterday, telling you all you would be fine. How do we know? First of all, it will be helpful to make some distinctions. We are not Roger, as Roger never believed in us, reincarnation or that anything we might have given him was valid. We had danced this jig for decades, as most of you have, but Dave questioned it. We could not offer enough understanding to suffice in one message, but this next little part will help.

Roger finds it challenging to find the words to explain this as most of you believe in linear time, as he did. We rarely use the word reincarnation, for it furthers your belief in the illusion of time. All is occurring now. Roger only permitted himself to move beyond that limited consciousness after studying the likes of Einstein, Newton, and Tesla. Roger, as you don’t fully trust what he hears, so validation from another helps, which is why Dave asked the question. Oh, Dave, your natural inclination to help and be of service is your inherent benevolent nature, which you have questioned. You are on the right path.

We will not make this a book, but understand Roger’s acceptance is still occurring as it is with you all! Think of consciousness as ever-expanding, and you only come to understand a bit at a time, but the more you do it, the better you get. That is our simple explanation of reincarnation we will give you now, but you and the world are doing that now.

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