A continual effort to accept more of your gifts at this time will be beneficial

A continual effort to accept more of your gifts at this time will be beneficial

July 17, 2021
A continual effort to accept more of your gifts at this time will be beneficial. You were born to offer a contribution to the world in the form of the gifts you possess. At times they do not make sense to you, for they may feel to you to be challenges or difficulties, but when you discover they all served a purpose to allow you to witness more of the gifts you do possess, you then give them to the world, and all evolve.

That paragraph may not have made much sense to you now, but it will soon as you are moving through a massive restructuring of yourself and your world. Depending on how you accept change, it may require time to accept what you have to offer, so please be patient with yourself, for the world needs your essence now.

Yesterday we told Roger that the information we were providing would be helpful for the groups he saw that day and to one client. Roger followed our advice, had all the participants read our message, and breakthroughs occurred, and collaborations were formed during the session. Roger even received another message later from a client who was not in attendance who now desires to be included, for she recognized herself in the others.

We told you that story because Roger did not always follow our direction intently because he, too, is moving through his limitations to aid you in moving through yours, which was your intention in this life. We mentioned in the title that now would be a good time because the world you desired to see is being created now through you. We will explain more tomorrow and continue to provide more on the 25th. The collective moment of energy will be more evident then, and you will be fine.

A footnote: There are no accidents. Roger had an early appointment and left before sending this message. We told him that was quite perfect because he left out a part of the story we wanted him to acknowledge. Many of you have difficulty noticing your acknowledgments which holds back your evolvement. The client we referred to yesterday discovered something that has plagued them their entire lives because Roger decided to follow his intuition. You do the same now.

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