A beautiful mess

A beautiful mess

October 4, 2019

A beautiful mess. First of all, Roger wanted us to point out that he did not believe those were the words we wanted him to hear, yet they were. He holds a goal of helping others come to communicate with their guides, so understanding the process is helpful. Roger continually doubts us, but then when proof shows up that his intuition was accurate; belief grows, and doubt diminishes.

Roger researched the title and discovered it was a company that performs what we wanted to describe, which was de-cluttering or releasing old, not needed things from your closet, which leads to your clarity. That also happens to be the description of your life as a whole.

The reason he heard those words is that he awakened in the middle of the night and had that clarity. He has been involved in a relationship that has been stressful, difficult, and challenging at best. It led him to a closer connection with his brothers, which led to a collaboration. Then he knew that mess he was in moved him into uncomfortable emotional places in his life that needed de-cluttering.

We gave you a message entitled, “The Purpose of All Relationships.” Read it now, and you will access even more belief.



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