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Day: October 27, 2021

Because it was always within you

Because it was always within you

October 27, 2021
Because it was always within you. We are beginning today’s message with the answer to the question many of you have as you move through your physical lives, and it is the one that becomes quite apparent when you are ready to exit your body.

We will clarify more information on Saturday during our live talk with you, but we thought we might save time today. Roger has a very early appointment, so he didn’t allow himself the usual amount of time he believed it might take for him to hear us deliver this message. When you find yourself under pressure as Roger is this morning, then miraculously, you have the answer and everything you need.

We are doing this for, as we said, this current restructuring is asking more of you who desire to make a difference in the world to own more of your gifts now and allow them to blossom. Each soul is born with all they need to create a magnificent and prosperous life, but you might have decided that what you needed was outside you. Yet, it never has been, and the road to the evolution of you and your world will manifest when you remember this message. You will be fine.

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