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Day: October 24, 2021

Your mission was bigger than you thought

Your mission was bigger than you thought

October 24, 2021
Your mission was bigger than you thought. Yes, we mean you, or you would not be reading our words. Your role in the restructuring of your world is vital now, and we are saying it to you now because you erroneously believed that your struggles, trials, and tribulations, as they have felt to you, were meaningless, and they were not.

You agreed to be in the world now to move through significant limitations and restrictions within you and your ancestors. You decided to take on this massive role. And as we told you in our live talk, we are so grateful for what you have done, and we also told you years ago what you would accept to accomplish your goal at this time, and you have done that.

You only carried a lack of belief and trust, which is why we have done our live talks. We continually refer to 2012 because it causes each of you to question your beliefs about who you are, and that is because you came to usher in a new world which was a huge mission. We will leave the message we gave you on this day in 2012, so your recognition of our words will speak to your higher self, and we will continue our mission of helping you believe and be proud of you, and our and your mission will be complete, and we will all be fine.

October 24, 2012

Any experience of frustration that you have is created by, directed at, and felt by you. You may argue that your particular cause of or feeling of frustration is due to another person or a particular situation or circumstance. All of those scenarios are ultimately experienced by you in the mental realm, as you experience every aspect of your physical life.

The only person who controls your mental realm or how you decide to think and perceive things is you. You have the opportunity then, with every experience of frustration, to acknowledge first that you allowed it to occur, and then you are able to find the solution. You will find it in your new actions, words, or way of thinking.

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