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Day: October 23, 2021

Your world will change when you do your part

Your world will change when you do your part

October 23, 2021
Your world will change when you do your part. You are in the world now because you desire to evolve and expand. You wanted a significant change within yourself and your evolutionary journey, so you decided to be alive during this restructuring.

You come into the world to move through your restrictions and limitations so you might experience the life and world your desire. Still, you also hold yourself back because you don’t recognize your significance in the entire process. We will give you another story which is also a completion of something we showed you in our live talk last Wednesday. Roger listened again last night, and portions he heard with his friend we mentioned during the session. "The one who sent him something that caused Roger to strengthen his belief in himself was the same one who brought as much disruption as you are witnessing in your world now.

We told Roger that he agreed to have this person come into his life to help him move through his barriers and fears. We gave him that information years ago, and we will share the message we gave him one day before the "helper" arrived. We used that intentionally.

We are sharing that message for regardless of what you may think now; you are just at the beginning of manifesting a magnificent life and world if you keep going. We will help as we told Roger to schedule another chat for next Saturday as you will have made more progress then. You will be fine.

January 30, 2017
You have only just begun. You would do well to attempt to embrace and celebrate that fact. When you hold the mental attitude that you have only just begun about anything you are attempting to do in your life, you also know there is so much more to come, and you will do everything in your power to cause that to occur.

When you are focused only on the end of something or that finished product, it can easily cause you to experience frustration, impatience, and a willingness to give up.

It is also important that you celebrate and acknowledge the fact that you have indeed begun, for that is the most difficult part; that first step. Now you can recognize you are a sculptor in the process of molding something beautiful.

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