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Day: October 21, 2021

Follow the guidance of your soul

Follow the guidance of your soul

October 21, 2021
Follow the guidance of your soul. We have said that you are moving through a massive restructuring in your life and, therefore, your world. You each decided to be alive now so that you might fulfill another aspect of your soul’s development. We also have said throughout all the live chats we have had with you that you take on different roles depending on which physical life experience you are having now.

We know that paragraph was complex, but we are also determined to have it make more sense, for it is a part of Roger’s restructuring to perform that task. But he, just like you, has doubted that ability until yesterday. We told you that the talk yesterday was occurring at that time to take advantage of the powerful full moon, and that is what we did precisely.

You each underestimate who you are, and when you make those discoveries, they can be surprising to you, and because of that, they may cause you to move into the unknown of your life experience, where you may hold yourself back. We have also said that we are using Roger as an example for you all. And we are doing that now.

We will leave a link to the recording for we would like more of you to listen, and we will continue to explain. During the recording, you hear Roger say at the end that he would have to listen to the session to remember what we said. He did so last night and even had to listen twice for the information that came through was motivating for him, as was our intention. Our goal in all of these talks was to mitigate some of your fear and doubt. They could be heightened now due to the present conditions of your world.

But you are here now to listen to your soul, and when you decide to become quiet and listen, you always know that direction. During this restructuring, you wanted to be alive to fulfill another aspect of your soul, or what your higher self has directed you to do, and you know if you are doing it by the way you feel. We will give more tomorrow, but here is the recording, and you all will be fine.

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