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Day: October 19, 2021

It might be challenging for you to become yourself

It might be challenging for you to become yourself

October 19, 2021

It might be challenging for you to become yourself. We are giving you more information that will help more of you understand what we will provide you with tomorrow during our full moon live chat with you all, but it will also explain your current restructuring.

Yesterday we had Roger record a video on anger as we know how many of you are feeling that, and we know many do not understand why. We used Roger again as your example for each of you are moving through this process, or you would not be here now.

When Roger recorded the video, he created a broadcast to send to you all, but there was a slight problem. His assistant “mysteriously” had difficulty editing the footage, and that had never happened. Roger knew he had an early appointment today and feared being late as he was up so late attempting to get out his “anger.” he was also quite aware that these things were happening as he was still moving through his resistance. You are as well.

Finally, Roger decided to take matters into his own hands and managed to correct the problem with the video so he could send the message. As he did, every part of his body felt fear. We want you to understand that last sentence, for it will make more sense tomorrow.

This morning Roger awakened late and had to rush to get to his appointment, and that’s when we threw in another piece of the puzzle we will clarify tomorrow. His friend called in a fit of “anger” and was determined to drive 100 miles to punch someone in the face because of what they said to him. We spoke through Roger and told him that it was not a good idea, and nothing would be achieved. We said, you are not angry at that one person; you are mad at a collection of people who have been in your life throughout this journey.

Each of you is experiencing this on some level, as you have prevented yourself from becoming yourself. And you intended to use this restructuring to accomplish your goal for yourself and your world. Roger felt fear because he knew he had taken a step into his future life but still had the old emotions arise he had been unwilling to release, and you are doing that now.

We are putting in a lot of effort to explain it all to you, and much more will make sense tomorrow. But you only need to know one thing. You are here to evolve, and you are birthing yourself a new life and, therefore, a new world that you desired, and you will all be fine.

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