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Day: October 17, 2021

We have a gift for you

We have a gift for you

October 17, 2021

We have a gift for you. The gift is in the form of a story, and it is one you would do well to study. It will help you understand and come to accept the restructuring you are experiencing, and you may even find more motivation to continue with the contribution you came to leave the world.

Some of you will read that and believe we might be fantasizing, yet we are not. You each come to offer the world something of value, and as you become willing to do so, you become more valuable. We will give you a bit today and finish with more tomorrow, for as we said, a bit of study on your part would be warranted.

We told you all that the purpose of our live chat with you all yesterday was to help more of you move beyond your fear and doubt. So we might accomplish that for more of you; we first had to achieve that within Roger. We had such a dynamic session yesterday, and we would like more of you to listen. Roger had not sent the replay as he wanted to edit, but we don’t want him to do that, for it will be more informative for you.

There was a portion of the session where Roger’s microphone "mysteriously" became muted. When he was alerted, it brought him out of our communication with him. In the recording, you will notice that he had no memory of that connection, and one of the guests reminded him, and then he was back with us. That little part of the story is what each of you has done with your higher selves as well.

The best part of the story is the end. Later in the evening, Roger decided to listen to the recording. As he did, he experienced what we told you most recently a year ago, what could occur when you discover yourself. It was pretty shocking for Roger that he had to gain his bearings and call others. He then spoke with one of his brothers, and they watched the recording together. His brother, who studies the Bible, found it interesting that our references were quite similar to those in the Bible. We will leave that determination to each of you.

When Roger listened to us, he heard something he hadn’t, and it motivated him. Then he began to feel that if he were able to continue this momentum, he could not only change his life but also help your world move through this restructuring with greater ease. That statement is true for you and him, and that was the entire point we wanted to make with our chat.

We are leaving a link to quite a long message, but those of you willing to adventure more into yourselves will take the initiative and read. We did make a point in our talk yesterday of noting how many of you would read our words and see our invitation to join the call or receive the recording, and you glanced at it and passed by without taking action. We want you to change that now, for as we said in the recording, your world needs you now, and if you answer the call, you all will be fine.

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