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Day: October 16, 2021

We will help you with your fear and doubt today

We will help you with your fear and doubt today

October 16, 2021
We will help you with your fear and doubt today. Yes, we are referring to the live talk we will have with you all later today, and it is also the intent we have held from the moment we began the conversations. That is why we encouraged you all to register, as we want you to hear the information we will give you today.

In each talk, we have told you our purpose was to help instill a bit more self-belief in you all. We also placed an urgency upon it because we can see where your world will be if you do not move beyond the fear and doubt you have carried. Some of you have done it for far longer than you can imagine, and the opportunity you are being provided now due to this restructuring is immense.

We will begin to move some of that fear and doubt now and continue later. In one of the meetings, we told you that we had given you everything you needed to know in 2012. We even told you how Roger argued with us, for he thought it could not be that valuable if it came through him. We gave you that sentence, so you will know what we are up to today, and that is dispelling that belief in you that Roger has held.

We told him to find a message from 2012 on gifts and give it to you all now, and you might see that we weren’t making this up just as you were not making up the dream you had for yourself, which is reflected in the message we will leave, and we will explain even more later, and you will be fine.

March 13, 2012
Your gift is unique, valuable, and priceless and can only be offered by you. In other words, each and every soul comes onto the physical plane with something to offer or contribute to all that is. It then becomes imperative for you to recognize and own your unique gift before it can be felt and accepted by others.

The process of expansion is you coming to know and recognize this first. It is never anything that takes on a form of boastfulness or bragging, if you will, for that is an indication that your own acceptance has yet to occur.

When you can sit comfortably in the knowingness of your gift, you are making the contribution you intended.

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