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Day: October 14, 2021

Anger is always a cry for help

Anger is always a cry for help

October 14, 2021
Anger is always a cry for help. While we have given you a lot of information on anger in the past, today, we are speaking of it as it relates to your current restructuring. We have also said that it is occurring now within you and your world. And you both operate in similar and collective manners.

We know we just gave you something that isn’t entirely clear, but we will continue to clarify as we move to our talk with you this Saturday. But we would like you to contemplate this now, for you will experience more anger personally and collectively.

You are born to evolve and expand, and every experience you have provides you with the opportunity to do so. Still, because of where you might been on your evolutionary journey, you may not have seized those opportunities, and your recognition of that might cause you to become angry.

In every instance, you are expressing behaviors you established when you were born angry. We know that might surprise you, but if you could remember your birth, it wouldn’t. You came into the world and immediately expressed your anger by crying. You did that because you had moved into an unknown place and feared for your safety.

You are doing the same thing now. But just as at the time of your birth, you will become comfortable with your new self and the new world. Your evolution has continued until you reached this moment in your life. And you are doing it again. Your anger will be dimensioned when you remember you and all others are seeking help to become comfortable with the new you and new world, and that is why we are helping, and you will all be fine.

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