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Day: October 13, 2021

Politics and spirituality are the same

Politics and spirituality are the same

October 13, 2021
Politics and spirituality are the same. We know those words may not make sense to you now, but they will soon. You are in the world now to experience and participate in a restructuring of you and your world. So all of it is included, as are your personal politics. We began with this topic, for many now believe and operate as if the two are separate and they are not.

As we explained in our live talks with you, you have lived every aspect of what you observe in your world now. But you decided to change things within you so they could be reflected in your life and world. If you leave out certain aspects of your physical life journey, you cannot avail yourself of all the tools you intended to use to further your expansion.

As we explained, it is different for each of you, for you are each unique, but you are the same. You are the same because you are each filling out a part of your development that will affect the collective and alter the current restructuring. That will only occur if you also acknowledge the politics of your countries and world.

We will explain far more on Saturday, but we must give you bits and pieces leading you there for you are coming to accept aspects of yourself that you previously denied, and your ideas about politics will help you if you remember why you are here. You are here to evolve and expand, and you can only accomplish that if you own all of yourself and your beliefs.

The current power struggle in your world is the one you wanted, for you have denied yourself of power for eons, so it is challenging to regain it now. Those who wish to maintain that power are fearful of losing it, so now you will come to know why we said that you would each choose who you want to be, and you will include every aspect of your physical world.

We had the lightworker message on the screen of our last talk because it will become imperative for you to remember that is why you are here, and you will all be fine.
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