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Day: October 12, 2021

There is only one key to success

There is only one key to success

October 12, 2021
There is only one key to success. We are speaking directly to you, for we know that you are reading our words because they will resonate with you. Hopefully, you will unlock your key to success because you are needed at this time in your evolution and the restructuring of your world.

We are continuing with our talk of last Sunday, where we informed you all that you are here now to fill out a part of your evolutionary journey you have yet to achieve. We used the word success in the title of this communication, for that is a human word we knew would attract more of you to listen. We know that the elements of what you have labeled as being successful, such as money, love, happiness, and peace, have been fleeting for you. We are telling you that has occurred because all those things are within you, but they will become more evident to you and valuable for the world if you were to acknowledge them now.

We told Roger to plan another talk this week, but we also advised him to change the day and time as there are a few others in different parts of the world we would like to hear us in person. You have held a stubborn belief that you held no purpose while moving through your life, but that was never true. And what you did was unearth so many restrictions and limitations you’ve carried for eons, but now, as you become willing to release them, all the elements of what you believed success should be will be finally made manifest for you.

Yesterday we gave you a message that said, nothing feels better than this, and we were referring to what each of you intended in this lifetime, and that was to own who you are. Decades ago, we gave you the secret to success, and we have done it in many ways, and we are doing so again, and more of you will understand as we lead you to the talk this week.

Currently, you are moving through the irony or life you experience every time you live, which is embracing every aspect of you. The irony is you move through your life attempting to be something you are not, only to come to the end of your life to discover you were only trying to be yourself, and that is the feeling you will never surpass. You will be fine.

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