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Day: October 10, 2021

We will explain more of your purpose today

We will explain more of your purpose today

October 10, 2021
We will explain more of your purpose today. We are, of course, referring to the live chat we will have with you later, and we are speaking to you directly; otherwise, you would not be reading our words. As we have pointed out to you, the purpose of the past talks has been to cause you to believe in yourself more and aid more of you in understanding your current restructuring.

We made an effort yesterday to point out how many of you will read our words and then not take any action to affect them in your lives. We even mentioned how we encourage you to listen to the recordings of our talks or register to receive them. You pass that information by as you have other opportunities in your life. But now is the time you intended to change that, and the change you make will begin to manifest the world you wanted to see. Our greatest desire is to help more of you believe that. The potential you hold now is immense.

We know we can say these words to you, for you have waited for this time in your evolutionary journey to own yourself more thoroughly, and we are offering you more confirmation now and will do so later as well. We have also said that we give you the information in smaller doses because you have had difficulty accepting your significance and how essential you are, particularly in the evolution of your world.

We also planned it on this day because you have the added advantage of astrological and galactic shifts occurring in your world. They are far more favorable for anyone who would read our words. You understand the difference between empathy and sympathy. Which is what is needed in your world now. and why you are needed now. We will explain later, and you will all be fine.
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