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Day: October 8, 2021

Your truth is more important now

Your truth is more important now

October 8, 2021
Your truth is more important now. All truth is subjective meaning; you will make it up according to the plan your soul held for you during this life journey. You always know what particular truth you were meant to live this time by the way you feel when you have specific experiences in your life. You will attempt to understand them to understand and accept what you intended to accomplish on this life journey.

We know some may not have understood that but we know some of you heard us, and we are leading you to more we will give you on Sunday. You are moving through a massive restructuring for the purpose of your evolution and that of your world. And you are doing so to fill out some aspect of your evolutionary journey you have yet to experience that would cause more of your soul’s purpose to be fulfilled, which is that of your world.

We will leave you with one idea to ponder, and this will make sense over the next several days. You are being brought to a place in your life where the truth you hold will become evident to you due to the events of your world. Then you will have that choice to make, which we also said was coming, but if you can maintain your truth through the chaos, you will have achieved your goal for this lifetime, and it will be that thing in front of you now that you always doubted. You will do it, and you will be fine.

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