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Day: October 7, 2021

You didn’t believe yourself

You didn’t believe yourself

October 7, 2021
You didn’t believe yourself. We are giving you the answer to every challenge you may have encountered along your evolutionary journey. Due to the current restructuring which you and your world are moving through, you will begin to believe yourself more, and you will come to the place where you will make that choice we have said you each would make in this lifetime.

We have told you that the purpose of our live chats with you on Sundays is to aid more of you in believing in yourself and accepting your importance in the world now. You planned to be here now to access more of who you are, which you have done throughout eternity. But we will say again that this time is different, which is why it has felt that way to you in your life.

While we cannot tell you what is in front of you specifically that would aid your evolution if you were to believe in yourself and do whatever that is, we will tell you that it is far more critical now for you to know your beliefs and decide to live them. For that is the only manner you will manifest the life and world you envisioned.

We will give you another part of the story we have been threading through Roger to cause more of you to let go of your doubt and fear during this transition. We told you all that we said to Roger that we gave you everything you needed to know in 2012, and now is the time you and your world would benefit from that information. We even gave him the title, and we told you how he argued with us. That is what you have done with your guides and higher selves as well, but you were meant to do that; otherwise, you would not evolve, and neither would your world.

Last night we told him to go back to the writings and look again because he still didn’t believe us. There were so many parts of your life where you did not believe that voice within you, always guiding you. As Roger looked, he came to believe that maybe we were right and possibly it might be the time for him to believe in himself, and he knows that if he were to do that, you might also and then maybe you would have the life and world you wanted.

We are leaving those things for you each to contemplate, and we will give you more leading to this Sunday’s talk where more of your world events will have played out, and the results of that will help you believe yourself and us more, and you will all be fine.

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