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Day: October 6, 2021

Shame, guilt, and embarrassment are your friends now

Shame, guilt, and embarrassment are your friends now

October 6, 2021
Shame, guilt, and embarrassment are your friends now. We wanted to use a title that might attract more to read our words, for if you do and attempt to understand and accept them, you will move through the remainder of your restructuring and that of your world with much greater ease.

The other title we were tempted to use was, you accepted a major role. We want to reiterate what we said to you all during our last live talk, and that was this is the most important life you have lived, and many of you are currently struggling to understand what is happening, but we will say it is happening within you.

We explained that you each have a unique evolutionary journey and hold elements that are only known and meant to be experienced by you. While they are different for each of you, the title of this message is the same for all of you. You and your world will not evolve in the manner you had hoped until you become willing to acknowledge those characteristics in your life and you decide to eradicate them. That is the major role to which we referred.

In an earlier message, we also told you your job is not yet complete. Your resistance to becoming yourself is always before you while in physical form, but this time, you wanted a big result, so you accepted significant challenges. What you always come to understand has been told to you in many ways, but you always have everything you need to rise to any occasion.

We also told you about a dream Roger found, which he tucked away and now is rearing its head again. The time is right for him to remember as it is for you, and we will help. We will do another live chat this Sunday as these times and even this day is vital for your restructuring, but you will be fine.

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