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Day: October 5, 2021

Forgive yourself first again now

Forgive yourself first again now

October 5, 2021
Forgive yourself first again now. We wanted that confusing title for now as we explain it; more of you will move through the next parts of your restructuring with a bit more ease, even though it may still be challenging.

We have said that each of you is here now to foster in a new world. That new world exists within you, and you have been at this quite a while, but this time it will feel different for you as it will for all others, which is another point we would like you to remember.

We told you last Sunday that even though we said to Roger we had given you the information in 2012 that would help you understand your evolution, we also told you he looked at it a bit later but didn’t jump in fully. That was his resistance, just as you are encountering yours now. You are here to evolve, and for that to occur, you must acknowledge how you have held yourself back so you might come to know your actual worth and value now. That was the intent you had when you were born, and now it is right before you.

The title of this message is similar to others we have given over decades. You will accept parts of yourselves when it is appropriate for your evolution. Many of you will be tempted to judge yourself for what you are uncovering now about yourself that you feared or denied. We used those words because what you have feared is the gift you were given when you were born. This life experience provided you with the opportunities to discover more of yourself, and you are doing it intensely now due to the major restructuring.

You will begin to uncover significant portions of your power that you have previously denied, and you might judge yourself or feel somewhat depressed with that discovery. You are here to evolve, and you cannot accomplish that until you recognize where you held yourself back, but that is why you wanted this lifetime precisely. You will be fine.

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