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Day: October 3, 2021

You are wanted and needed now

You are wanted and needed now

October 3, 2021
You are wanted and needed now. We are now providing you with a precursor to the live talk we will have with you all later today, but it is also the intended result we wanted to achieve through all of the conversations. We have seen significant progress with many of you. However, there are still too many who have not broken their spell of feeling unworthy, and now is the time you intended to accept more of the information that would have you recognize your significance, or you would not be reading our words.

In every talk we have held, many of you expressed surprise at how accurate our information was as it referred to your life. And we did that to cause more of you to believe in your importance in the world, especially now. While we have attempted to explain your role in this process, that is challenging for us as you are the only one who has access to why you chose this lifetime. We provide you with clues that allow you to recognize more of your mission. We love using words such as those because they cause more of you to open to previously unknown possibilities, which is why you are here.

We began giving Roger a lot of information last night, and then we had him scan the registration list for more energetic information that will aid you all later. One hint we will give you is, you will understand a bit more that whole the meek shall inherit the earth thing, and we will explain the last mysterious comment we made a few days ago, and that was, you are unique and the same. If we get more of you to understand that one, the purpose for which you orchestrated this restructuring will be achieved, and you all will be fine.

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